Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's hopeless..

I just can't wait so I had to look for the ending to that Korean drama on 8tv, Wedding. Just can't help it!! There weren't too many people talking about the ending though, so it was really hard to find if it was a good ending or not.
And though I've found it last night.. I still feel a bit bad at how things are going currently. It seemed a little too familiar somehow. Today's was the 8th episode by the way.
10 more to go.
Good thing it's a short series.

Okay. Gotta go quick so I can let Mama use the laptop and the sooner she gets off it, the sooner I can turn on the download. (So happens the connection gets really slow if it's turned on! Seems like the whole connection gets focused on that thing.)
Can't wait to see Heroes!!!!!!!!! (Reading last night's review.. Hopeless, I say.)


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