Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Matured" my ass!

Dida phoned last night thus turning my ears red from pressing the receiver too hard so I could listen her robotic voice through the bad connection.

She told me that one of her friends thought I was matured. I can't help but crack up at the idea, of course! Then Dida went on agreeing her friend! Realizing that "just because a person messes up their life, doesn't mean that they're a mess" (her actual words weren't as cool as I put it, though.) That made me laugh even harder as I considered if I should take it as a compliment or an insult instead!

Dida said I was good for something after all!
Seriously, she's lucky that I'm generally good natured and that I have an odd sense of humour!
Well, to be truth I am especially amused that Dida appreciated me most when I was just being myself.

Apparently I can listen, no matter what they said. (I usually get B's for my listening exams!) Well, I CAN listen! It's not my fault that they keep on yacking about things I can't be bothered with! (Somehow I'm imagining my good friends snigger behind my back.)

Enough about that. An entire side of my body aches! I blame yesterday's awful bowling balls.
Ooh~ NaNoWriMo begins!
And people.. Yahoo! Time Capsule closes next Wednesday!! Contribute if you haven't!
Ooh! and YEAYY!! House is back!!


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