Monday, November 06, 2006

Motion In The Ocean

*giggle* I hate McFly's new logo.. and the fact they're a bit different now.
But I can't help getting their new album! Yeayy!!
Downloaded it of course.. NOT my fault that their albums are SO hard to find over here!!
So I'm currently looping this one song because it sounds like a classic McFly song. heh! The others sounded a little.. mature, I suppose! sigh.

Spent the entire day with Alia. She had wanted to look around for some things (well, LOADS of things actually!) but before that, we sent Idris to his exam and on the way out of uITM, I saw Muz' mom!! heehee. I was almost as excited as if I've seen Muz herself.

We headed to OU and had lunch - Dave's Deli!! *manic laugh* I need to get my cravings over with before I can start cutting down those bad bad carbs. No more lasagna and potato salad for.. three months! *smiles sheepishly* Three months sounds more achievable than half a year.
And cut down sodas.. Need to do that too!! How about.. treating myself to a soda once every two weeks? hahha!! I just can't do drastic things. Might bring myself to an epileptic shock - and we wouldn't want that, would we?
Last thing on the list of MUST DOs would be wake up early and not stay in bed for half a day!! yikes! Now, I believe that's the real cause of getting wider. Darn it!

Okay. Probably need to rest now.
We were out for about 10 hours and that's just.. almost senseless!


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