Thursday, November 16, 2006

Professor Moody.

Suddenly wondering.. why was he named Moody? It wasn't like he was moody. Creepy at times, yes but never moody.
Constant vigilance!

Okay, nothing much to update about but I'm updating anyway so I won't become like one of those blog owners that doesn't seem to be updating their blog any time soon. All I have to share is some boring.. boring thoughts so just bear with me, yeah?

As always, downloaded my favourite shows and this week's House was brilliant! And Heroes.. that is seriously becoming one of my favourite shows. Then there was this drama, Brothers and Sisters which I mostly like because of this gay brother. Him and his gay friend just have the best lines, I tell you! Really like the apology on last Sunday's episode.
I heard that CBS is introducing a new show called 3lbs that reminded everyone of House!! hahha! So I think I'll see a bit of that sometime in the future just so I can diss the idea properly.

I've been rereading Harry Potter books lately and right now I'm reading the first one. Just because I was bored and I couldn't find my own idea to write..
Funny how light Harry's problems were in his first year in Hogwarts.. to think that he won't be coming back for the seventh (as if it mattered!) is a bit disturbing.

Alright, enough boring you with mindless details.
I'm boring myself, that's for sure and that's all that I cared about actually! (Not ready to collect my very own fans just yet.)


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