Saturday, November 18, 2006

ROFL! Seriously.

Stanley Tucci?? Seriously!!
FYI, I am currently watching that new medical show on CBS; 3lbs.
I can't begin to tell you what's worse.. the funny looking "serious" doctor whom has a "secret" of some sort who is distant or the enthusiastic new fellow.. or that British woman.. or the soundtrack through out the show!
Come on!!
"Wires in a box". Oh right.. Make things as simple as "everybody lies". Seriously!

Seriously??? Unbelievable!
They're even using House's Massive Attack theme song! This is ROBBERY I tell you!
Ohh, this show will definitely NOT be one of my faves! Just hate the idea of a House clone. bluerghhh!

Plus.. the songs played on the show were too commercial for my taste. heh!


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