Monday, November 13, 2006

to couzie, "this is SO going into my blog!"

Finally a chirpier entry worth writing.
We'll start in a chronological order, yeah?

Went to sleep around 5am last night. We blame Star Movies for having those James Bond movies marathon! Unfortunately I didn't get to see all five of them; it was getting too late and I had to go to sleep. So me and my dad watched Dr. No (which was apparently a Chinese name!), From Russia With Love (which was slightly better than the first movie) and Goldfinger (which by then I couldn't stop laughing by how EASY those women were!!). Come on! It's degrading, honestly!
And there was this Bond girl in Goldfinger named Pussy Galore!! Seriously! What mother in her right mind would name her child Pussy! Especially with that last name of hers! I just couldn't take any of her lines seriously afterwards. Couldn't decide between the humour and the derogatory.

Morning came and I went out and meet up Dayat.
We did nothing much but had lunch and walked around the mall looking at shoes and bags. (Darn those shoes that looked good on me! Now I can't stop imagining having them!) Well, there was something more to it but I'm too tired to yack on about it here.

We part ways around 4pm and I was lucky enough to meet this one talkative female on the commuter who had no problem sharing a bit of her life with me. Really amusing. Really. Didn't asked her zodiac sign though.. don't know why. Probably 'cause I was too shocked that she's 21 and married! Wouldn't want to get more shocked if she turned out to be a Sagi! (but I doubt it!) HAHHA!!

After my parents picked me up from the commuter station, we went around Shah Alam to get some things before heading to Cik Jib's house for dinner with the rest of the extended family. (Really nice, btw!)
After a while and the night went on, Iqbal got a little cranky and he needed his dose of Power Rangers!

Which me and Sarah just couldn't stop ourselves from laughing at the "blast from the past". Ohh, I feel old. heehee.

And now I am feeling horribly tired! Wish I could take off my shoulders and put it aside for a bit.
Hope you'll have a good one, everybody!

ps: I probably should note to myself that today, I realize that I am extremely spoilt! Horrible!


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