Monday, November 20, 2006

Yeayy for ice creams!

They've been my temporary cure for my sore throat and it's been awesome!!
Note: I only ate the citrusy ones so no fattening stuff there!

Earlier Papa told me about something he read from the paper, (it's the only way I get my news these days!) it was about some kids jumped off their school ledge to celebrate the end of school. There were three of them; two jumped off the first floor and came out unscratched. The other decided to jump from the second floor and ended up breaking his leg.
Then Papa told me that that kid was a prefect and had got 5As.

I laughed and said that was cool and Mama and Papa teamed up to tell me it was anything but cool. They said it was stupid.. yadaa yadaaa. Well, the way I see it, the poor kid probably spent the rest of the year studying and be a good boy so I completely get if he decided to go crazy after he finished his exams! hahha! I mean, just look at it.. now he have a really good story to tell!

So Papa was surprised that I was amused by a mere story but heyy.. The kid only broke his leg. And Mama said "what if it wasn't just a leg.. blablaa.."
Well, "what if" didn't happen obviously!

If the kid had gotten any less than 5As, I'd probably call him stupid too.. But he turned out to be smart.
So he's a prefect and clever.. and the fact that he went nuts on certain occasions made him seem like a pretty fine lad!
I know I'd admire a guy with a story like that! hahha! Come on, this kid is cool!

Ohh.. but Papa told me this; "don't go encouraging your friends to jump off a building,".
So friends.. I am NOT writing this to tell you jumping off a building makes you cool. I'm saying that jumping off a building and coming out almost unharmed might make you cool.. hahha!!
Please note that it's never good to listen to me. I'm not exactly your average normal person.
Anyway, Papa said he was glad I am no longer in school. heehee.

I had to change my Yahoo! password just now. It's so freaky, I can't log on to my Mail or Messenger with my password and I am just so glad that I got the secret question right! hahha!! Funny.

Okay. That's it for now. 'Til later everyone!


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