Thursday, December 14, 2006

The day after.

Okay. I'm feeling as normal as I possibly can, so I shall tell you what I did the entire of yesterday.
First thing, I woke up late because I got to sleep late! (yeah, what's new?) It was about noon when I finally picked myself up and asked my dad to drop me off at the commuter. Destination: KLCC. (why? No idea.) Well, honestly I was looking for a new pair of shoes. I saw one a while back and thought of buying it as my birthday treat. But! Naturally.. I couldn't find it any longer. Minus one luck/magic.

Then I went to Isetan and got myself some sushi there. But of course, it rained in the afternoon so there is no way I could sit quietly at the park enjoying the bliss. Minus two luck/magic.
My mom called while I was in there and asked if I wanted to come home with her; practically threatened me that if I refused, I won't get my birthday present.

Before heading to Putra, I stopped by at Nose and see if there's anything I can indulge myself with. Then I saw this pair of really shiny red heels. I must've stared at it for a full minute before asking the sales person if they had it in size six. He replied, "size 9 only."
Minus three.

I managed to amuse myself a bit while I was coming down the escalator. I overheard two boys, a little younger than me.. trying to decide if they should go to Coffee Bean or Starbucks instead.

Once I got to Putra station, I had the sudden urge to look at my ticket. Guess what? The fella at the counter had ketuk (cheated) me 30cents! He only returned 20cents back to me when it was supposed to be 50cents. Curse him for taking an advantage over my absent mindedness!
O well.. minus four there. Ohh, and I spent 45minutes there by myself waiting for my mom and sister. Minus four and a half, then.
Tried killing time by calling up my dad for a bit of chat while thinking.. Mama's pressie better be gooood.

I was talking to Nina while we were waiting for the train so Mama only showed me her present once we got on the train. (Nina had to wait a bit longer since she's heading to Seremban.)
Ohh, our train stopped about 20minutes in the middle of the journey by the way. Made me miss 15minutes of Wedding's final episode. hahha!! Minus five?

Dida called.. and talked about something that's been upsetting her. Although it's basically her problem, that's minus six for the fact that it happened on my supposedly day!

Then the parents and I went out for dinner. Ordered shrimps fried in flour (sorry, don't know how else I could call it) but as our drinks arrived, the waiter informed us that they ran out of shrimps!
Minus seven, boys and girls..

So have we had enough of unfortunate events? heehee. I must say, Friday 13th is NOTHING compared to what I had yesterday.. Even talking about it right now is upsetting me. Slightly. Maybe I've been naughty this year, which is a completely plausible reason!

One good thing did happen yesterday.. The pressie from Mama was gooood! Thus making me worry.. How will I be able to pick a fight with her now! Mannnn! heeheee


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