Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I smell! --but not too much.

Woke up pretty darned early today 'cause I've made plans with my friends; to go back to my late grandparents' house in Bukit Kapar, Klang!
Since Alia, Farah and Zaki are big fans of durian, my dad had invited them for a visit. We were lucky that there were a couple of durians left since it's the end of the season!

We just got ourselves tired by walking around the grounds. I think Alia had a blast chatting with the rabbits. She even tried to make friends with the chickens!
We only left after eating some durian and rambutan.. and that's around two! My dad had told them about his siblings and such..
Quite a good visit, I'd say.

We did something more after we went back to Shah Alam so Alia could get her car.. but I'm too tired to write now. So maybe later.. if I feel like finally updating my fotopages, I'll let you know.


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