Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I wonder..

Have I always been this miserable in December? I mean, if it's been sucky.. how come I don't remember it actually being sucky?

Maybe because it's only my favourite month, so I expect a lot from it.. and small, measly things are enough to distress me to the verge of crying.
Like today, when I can't find my bra. Or yesterday when I can't find my panties.. and the day before that when I can't find my jammy-pants. All this actually result to me feeling like my life is screwed!

Horrible.. this is horrible!
I'm freakin' tired of feeling screwed. Especially since it's December and I really feel screwed! It can't be good if I talk about death a lot more than I usually do. I mean, how morbid can one get??


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