Sunday, December 17, 2006


Two of my cousins on my mom's side got married in the past two weekends. A'id is a year older than me while Farizah is my age.
Seems like everybody's getting married young these days. Although everyone on my dad's side seems to be unaffected by this. They're still keeping the tradition of marrying "late" pretty alive! hahha!
Well, Nina got married when she was 25 and even then I thought that was too soon!

Feels like I'm leading a mediocre life now. (Has nothing to do with the weddings! That one was to dignify why I am so knackered.. too many weddings to attend - not that I was doing anything to help, but the awful heat sucked away all my energy.)
The mediocrity was out of the fact that I haven't done or accomplished anything that would make me feel like I should shout from the top of the building about it. So I really need to start writing again.

But my brain is stuck in a mud in the middle of nowhere and I can't get myself out to move forward. So really, all I need now is a rope and a compass and I'll soon be on my way.
Getting out of the mataphor.. All I need is one word that could lead me to write one good paragraph. I know that I need to find that word.

Aaah.. the fear of beginning a new year is creeping in now.
Good thing my cousins; Sarah and Hannah thought I was twenty last night. At least now I feel like I have an extra two years to catch up to the thing that I'm catching up to.

Now's the right time for me to fall off the chair.
You guys have a good week!


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