Sunday, December 10, 2006

Those disfunctional things.

Went to Seremban earlier to see how Farhana was doing. She'd been hospitalized for a full week and only returned home last night. Nina didn't go to work for just as long, thus giving her the time to finally feel the same amount of frustration as I had felt when she finally finished reading Rosie Dunne. hahha! She had that book for months!!
The kid was fine by the way, playing along with Izzati like nothing ever happened. heehee.

If there's anything that I'm really thankful for, it'll be the fact that I get along with my sisters so well. The fact that we can easily talk about how disfunctional our family really is. heehee. As Nina and I did sometime in the late afternoon today.
Funny how we psychoanalyze ourselves so effortlessly as if we were just pointing at a massive zit on the face. Aaah.. it's just amazing how your surroundings while you were growing up influenced the person that you've become.
I should probably brought up that subject when I see Nina again.

We left around 7, and I absent mindedly left my black pen there! Or maybe it slipped out of my bag and dropped somewhere, but God, NO!! And I also forgot to ask for my book! hahha! Maan.. I hate forgetting things.

Anyway, can't stop listening to this song. It's Take That, amazingly they're back and sounded just as great!! Typically, I like the lyrics most.

Hating my English now. Maybe 'cause I'm sleepy.


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