Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Liar, liar.. pants on fire.

Aaah.. for the record, I am not angry. More disappointed than angry. And a bit sorry to say that I've been expecting it. So pardon me for practically saying that I don't have faith in my friends.. that I can't tell you that I consider every one of them are reliable. So happens that somebody promised me something and it's been two weeks and the person haven't said a word about it.

If there is anything that bugged me the most, it'd probably be a broken promise. So truthfully, when somebody promises me something.. I rarely take them seriously. But of course, it's in my nature to give the benefit of a doubt.. but two weeks is too much, my friend.

I honestly don't deserve to blog today.. but my hands were itching.. and twitching for me to type out some words. (URL adresses doesn't cut it!)
For the record, when I say that I don't deserve it, it's a lingo saying that I haven't written a single, worthy paragraph in my Moleskine today so I shouldn't treat myself by blogging.
Yes.. Blogging is a treat.

I'm working on the cat story by the way. (Haven't got the perfect title yet, so I'll call it that for now.) I'm only sure of the first chapter anyway. Probably will let Nina read it.. She'd probably hate the entire thing (and left me with nothing to work with - at all!) but at least I know she'll be appropriately.. critical.

I'm boring you. (Myself, honestly!)
Have been downloading The Office (US version) lately! It's just hilarious, I can't believe I'd only started to watch it a couple of episodes ago! I absolutely adore Jim and Pam. They're funniest together. Ohh, and the latest with Jim and Dwight. So cute! sigh. John Krasinski. *giggling like a school girl* And he's not even that old! (and I only say this to debunk Dida's theory about how I only like older men!) Maybe because of "Jim", everytime I see him in other films I just start to crack up!

I'm really boring myself. Maybe I'm just tired and so mood-less from seeing the crappy side of some friends lately. Sure, I can be crappy too if not crappier.. but you don't see me walking around and making promises I won't keep. sigh. This is getting so old.

Anyways, just so you know.. I cheat sometimes, about the hiatus. When I don't blog here, I'd blog at my LL! *manic laugh*

For entertainment purposes that also works as a quick change of subject.


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