Tuesday, February 13, 2007

22 Years and 2 Months.

I am officially -- that old.
So what have I learned so far?

1. Although many writers find smoking helps, it does not work for me. So happens that the lighter my head gets, the further ideas flew away from my thoughts. It didn't help that I have a history of asthma either. But I must note that somehow it manages to help my bowel movement -- same as coffee. haha!
This means that I shall continue on my quest to find the perfect vice.

2. I am a pretty good secret keeper. The question remains, how good is the secret for me to listen and take heed of it in the first place?

3. I'm pretty sure that I can't be bought. I make it a mental note when somebody got me something. Sure, I'm a little nicer to them -- but not too much. haha!

4. Even though I rarely put on anything in PINK, I still can't help looking when I walk pass them. It's a mistery, I think! I am like a fly and the colour pink is the light.

I am such a slow learner, aren't I? I could only think of four things.. how horrible.
Anyway.. this has been..the best weekend ever!

We went to Amsterdam yesterday and found a couple of things that we really liked. So we got them, ate at our favourite kebab place and also went to Hard Rock Cafe since Dida had wanted to get some tees for a couple of her friends.
Then there it was.. the cutest pin ever! *manic laugh* It's the Valentine's Day pin and I just had to have it!

Today I went on a search to find a particular dress that I saw in H&M while we were in Amsterdam. Unfortunately they ran out of my size -- in all 5 stores that we found! The same goes for Rotterdam.. I went to all 4 stores that I can think of and only one of them had that dress -- in size 42!! Urrgh! Frustrating.

I'll possibly head to Dordrecht tomorrow. Just going crazy..
I just checked.. there's 24 stores in Berlin. heh!
We had cancelled Dubai by the way.


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