Friday, February 23, 2007

Back in Shah Alam.

I cried.. and cried. I just couldn't take it, pretending I was all macho and truly convince myself it was just a show.. last week's of Grey's Anatomy was friggin' intense!! God! It was unbelievable! It was.. painfully sad and I'm still tearing up right now. Can't wait to find out what'll happen this week.. I just.. can't get around Derek's and Christina's grief.

Hey everyone. I am now home, and so is my sister - for good. Or at least for the time being.

So you know when you feel like you're dreaming.. (I think I'm going famous with this "dreams"-metaphor stuff) It was 7 am yesterday.. (I think it was yesterday!) Anton was driving me and my sister through the streets of Holland towards Schiphol Airport when I just thought.. How did I get here?
Surely, I was in an airplane two weeks before but just.. how? Sometimes I feel like asking complete strangers, "Why me exactly?"

Like in dreams, everyone knew what they are going to do next - except you. You are the only person who decides what you're going to do. So maybe if there is any chance you could interact with everyone else, they could tell you what you're supposed to do. Maybe we could ask them life mysteries and actually get the answers, yeah?

Anyway, I was never good at interpreting dreams. I just note them down and wait it out until one day things just somehow clicked and those sleepy memories had somehow seemed like an epiphany in a foreign language of sorts.
So I say.. I will have no choice but to wait it out just like always. I'll just see what happens next, and I will keep you posted.

Oh by the way, just so you know I wasn't trying to sound ungrateful. This is my way of saying how grateful I am for my luck and that I am still disbelieving the ludicrousity of my life slacking.

I had a considerably nice flight. Food was terrible, for the first time I agreed with the cliche about airplane meals but I had a really nice seat mate so that makes up for everything in my book! His name was Greg, American, forty-nine (I swear I am not the "old man attractor" like Dida likes to say!) a Leo and spends 27 hours every two weeks on a plane from The States, transit in Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur and again to Ho Chi Minh city. I was over-friendly I think! I now even know that his wife is a Virgo! haha!

I saw Alia a few hours after I got home. We got lunch and on the way back we made a quick stop at Alam Sentral since Alia had wanted to send her shoes to be repaired. I stayed at the car... and fell asleep!! hahahahha! Alia had to shake the car to wake me up and let her in. (Sorry - again Cik Alia!!)

Okay, I have to go. Need to catch up on all of my favourite shows!
(Fine, sleep too..)


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