Saturday, February 03, 2007

Of comedy and tragedy.

Went to see Stranger Than Fiction today. I really loved it. I have to say that I never liked Will Ferell but this film really changed my view of him. (Just like how Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind changed my view on Jim Carrey -- he can actually.. really act!) Anyway, Stranger Than Fiction is on my favourites' list now.

Been going back to Bukit Kapar this past few days; getting ready for Maya's engagement party (if you may let me call it that.) A few of us were sitting around at tea time on Thursday when my dad somehow pondered about how the children got so tall. (If you've seen the family.. we're not exactly in the height range of average Malays.) Then Adam said how it's sad for Tau since among the elder male cousins.. he is the shortest. The rest of us just laughed.
Mind you, shortest being 175 centimetres.
Just for notes: Maya, Tau, Adam (and Nadia) are siblings. They're the children of my father's 3rd brother, Cik Kamal.

Also.. later that day I found out that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be out this July 21st!! Naturally, I grabbed my phone and texted in such speed that it would have embarassed The Flash.
So yes.. I've made some plans for that day, assuming that Kinokuniya will be holding a launching the likes of what they had done for the past two installments.

This week's episode of House is my favourite so far. It's not as "medical" as usual.. but I just love all the conversations in it. Imagine conversations between House and Wilson being extended to the entire show; morality, philosophies.. ideas. My kind of thing.

Speaking of TVs, congratulations to Jo Jer and Zabrina for being the first all-female team to win The Amazing Race Asia!! I knew I wasn't rooting for them in vain! hahha.

Probably should sleep now. My dad wants us to leave the house by 7:30 am. I'm going to have to be the 2nd photographer for Maya's thing tomorrow, with Aris (yet another cousin.. we actually have a pretty big family) being the 1st. He's taking with his digital camera, while I'm going old school with the films - as always.
I probably should remind Aris that we should be taking a lot of photos of each other. If not, people wouldn't believe we were even there! Like the time when I took pictures for Cik Mi's engagement; even my father had forgotten to introduce me to the girl's family. It's incredibly depressing actually. Nobody knows that's how I feel - which is of course, making it more depressing to be doing this for the second time.
Then again, I should stop thinking about myself for one second.

Hey, can I say that I'm an Ugly Duckling? Well, the last time I went out with Alia, Farah and Zaki, they coincidentally wore white while I had my black top on. But now come to think of it, I am rather different from my family, character-wise. A little free.. a little wild.. and let's face it - I am not a grown up. So how ever can I possibly turn into the swan that I'm supposed to be?
(Come on, nobody thinks they're going to be a duck forever, right? Except of course maybe.. if they're the Mighty Ducks! hahha!)

Have a good one everybody.


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