Thursday, March 29, 2007


hey everyone,
this is me writing from a phonebooth in piccadily circus, london. way cool. anyway, just wanted to test this out actually. hope you guys are doing well.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pack my bags again...


Will be back next Wednesday..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oh, Rumi..

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you,
not knowing how blind that was.

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.

An older post.
I have such a good sense of taste in this area, no? (There's a copy of Rilke's book on Goong too!)

Ah well, though the song may not be in the same category as the poem, I just can't help remembering this song when I think of the poem.

Ooh anyway! The 3rd season of CSI: NY starts this April 2nd on AXN! whoopee! I'm definitely excited even though I might not be around to catch it. Oo yeah!
The glamorous life of a jet-setter.. (HAHH! I wish..)

ps: I just realized that the layout for my archives are pretty screwed up. So please, for your own good (and mine too) don't bother checking them out. I don't know what ticked me off the most. The fact that I can't read them from the texts overlapping one another, or the fact that I've been so ignorant to realize this earlier on. sheesh!

OH-MY-GOD! OMG! OMG! eeek! Just found this! Yeayy! Can't waaiit!!
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Monday, March 26, 2007



Finally got to see it.
May I just say.. that when I got myself a good deserving boyfriend, I'd like to keep him safe and if he ever gets jealous of my guy friends.. I promise that I'd just whack him in the head instead of giving him the silent treatment.

It was bittersweet. I sort of understood why it won that award in the Berlin International Film Festival. I think the storyline was pretty simple, but it had left me in a very deep thought.

Also.. I'd like to say.. that even though I realize that I'm 22.. I actually find that Mohd. Shafie Naswip kid (he's 14) was kinda hot! hahhahahahahaha!
I feel like a pervert now.
Anyway, I thought he was brilliant at that part when he called Orked out in the end. That kid was amazing!
Mukhsin was very well worth it..

Okay. That's all for tonight. I'm knackered from being out all day long. I was in Bukit Kapar, then SACC Mall, then IKEA/Ikano, dinner at Ang More Cafe (with Dida, the parents, Cik Yam, Hannah and Sarah, Cik Mi and the newly added Cik Ros).. and lastly, GSC Midvalley.
Now I'm home.. I just want to have a lie down.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

(no idea)

Dida called earlier for me and Papa to get ready. We were heading to KL to pick up Mama and Nina from work so we could all send Nina back to Seremban.
(Abang Min didn't approve so much of that -- that dude is weird on some level.. but that's a different story!) It was really nice to talk to the entire family. We don't get much of that, having the kids running around a lot most of the time.

Laughed a lot during (late) dinner. Abang Min and the kids have already fallen asleep upstairs, so there we were around Nina's dining table, wolfing down the food we'd bought just minutes before. Dida naturally found something to joke about Mama.

Mama being Mama.. dotty and all, lagged a bit when the four of us were already laughing, and so;
Dida: Mama has short term memory loss..
Mama: Who said that?

kikkiki! Pardon yourself if you don't find that funny. Mama is always funniest when she didn't mean to. We were laughing so hard and I just might need to remember this one sometime.

My mind has been a little weird lately. It doesn't matter who's talking, but every conversation I listen to sounded like Korean! I guess I shouldn't have watched all 24 episodes of Goong in 2 days. Even my dreams are all messed up now...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The thing about K-Drama..

They have this really twisted storyline - heartaches after heartaches.. (ohh, how talented those actors, to cry right on cue!) that are stretched out soooo long - that it makes me sooo tired - then making me feel to never actually fall in love.
That tiring.
It gets me so anxious in the beginning but once I get to the middle, I feel like I should hide in a hole than knowing what's going to happen next, to the 'path' of the end. sigh. The middle part of most dramas I've seen had always made me feel like screaming.

Hey, that's just me... I still watch those Korean dramas though. haha!
Talk about not knowing what's good for you.
Hmm.. Never been keen on Koreans before, but now I'm having thoughts of; "Kalau dapat mamat Korea pon best jugak!" hahahaha! -- Sorry, English-speaking-only readers, it's a bit embarassing.. that thought. *stares feet*
Fact: Koreans are on average the tallest among Asians.

Anyway.. have you ever noticed?
In English, people would say.. "Just a second," or "wait a minute".
In Malay, we say.. "Lagi 5 minit eh." ("5 more minutes!") hahhahahaha! We Malays.....

Trying to remember that interesting line Cik Alia said to me yesterday. God, what exactly was it..?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Cik Alia and I had a little barter today. (Temporary it may be..)

She lend me her copy of Goong and I lend her two of my Cecelia Ahern's books.

I can't stop grinning now.

Just for notes, I will refrain myself from complaining about getting fat in the future.

I am weak.

It's raining out. The clock says it's a quarter to 2. I just finished the last few pieces of those tinned rambutan in syrup 'cause that's what I found in the fridge. I just felt the need to chew something while actively pondering, "no bread for a week?"

In case you haven't heard, I am trying to lose some meat. Not too sure about the pounds since the scale says I'm at the right BMI, but most of the people around me have been saying that I'm getting wider.. or thicker.. and it's really really bugging me.

It's one thing when you are fat and people say that you are.
It's another when people look at you and say, "oh, you're not as thin as I thought you were.." That's just depressing on a whole new level.
And I got a new line just a few days ago.. "your cheeks look fat.."

I'm not going to cry over those 'cause that's just.. pathetically VAIN. But really.. it doesn't make me want to jump with joy either.
Is it necessary for you to be that mean? Seriously? What ever happened to treat people like the way you want to be treated? Because really, I've never treated anyone like that.

I honestly have NO idea why everyone keeps a tag on everybody else's body. Seriously.. is that everyone ever cared about??
"Oh, I saw her the other day.. She gained some weight from the last time we saw her.."
Doesn't that sound just ridiculous? Is it true that human being are really this shallow?? That is just sad. Truly.

Thank God I actually know the downsides of aneroxia and bulimia. No way I'm heading towards that anytime soon. I'm just.. mostly upset that I've been hearing enough people talking about my body to start cutting down eating bread.
Malaysian's staple food is rice, but I'm never too keen on rice. So really.. taking away bread is taking away my staple food. sigh.

Now you know why I prefer strangers than friends. I'm stupid enough to listen to what they think. Not just that they've already told me enough secrets for me to have a system overload! But me, being a secret keeper is another story.
For now, just for notes.. I did a few sit-ups just now and I think I pulled a muscle on my back.

I hate it when I conciously know that an act of rebellion right about now won't do me any good.

Anyway.. on a different note (just as upsetting). Since it's been raining this past couple of days, you drivers.. Please drive carefully. I took this picture on Monday on my way back from KL. Even a BMW couldn't stop you from spinning on a wet road. Okay?

Sunday, March 18, 2007


God, I need to get over myself.
I can't believe I am still the spaz when around someone I like. This is very idiotic. ahahhahaha! Dida thought I was scared -- I wish! Better being scared than "too-self-concious-about-making-a-fool-of-myself-and-end-up-making-a-fool-of-myself-anyway"!! ahahahhahahah!! Crap!

Anyway, may I just say.. even though the idea of having a good friend in the fashion industry sounds like the best thing ever.. for me, that is scary.
I like my crazy colour-uncoordinated things, thanks very much!

I'm rambling.

I have hot cousins.

I swear.. if they weren't family, I'd happily have a crush on them.

First of three Cik Mi's wedding ceremony was last night. It was held in De Palma Hotel, Ampang. (The lady's side.) The second will be in Penang at the end of this month and finally.. the last one for our side of the family in Bukit Kapar in April! woot! Looking forward to that, actually. (Surprising.. considering I never really liked weddings.)

I need to stop myself from stuffing my face with pancakes. Oh no. Curse the new layout. Makes me wanna blog even more!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

This part of my life is called..

I know I wrote "unstable" on my Yahoo! Messenger, but honestly.. I don't know what this part is really called. It's a hundred of jumbled words and none of them meant good.

Just saw The Pursuit Of Happyness. Will Smith really deserved the nomination for an Oscar. He did such a wonderful job. The story about Chris Gardner was.. amazing. Inspirational.
If you haven't seen this film. You probably should. It's a brilliant movie (a tad slow though) even though it depresses you at times. Frustrating too. But I just can't help being touched by his sheer determination to-- of course, be happy.

Made me feel very useless, unfortunately.
Thinking that the only thing I'm determined for right now is getting a full download of CSI: NY episodes since the one I got the other day was in French! How frustrating it was to have waited for 5 whole days and getting them in French. How measly.. and small I am, while somewhere out there.. someone is truly and absolutely working his/her ass off to pursue their goal.

And I felt embarassed when I watched In Her Shoes last weekend. God, I can't let my sisters be Rose. Nor do I want to be Maggie.
I must not settle for this.
This will not do.

So this is a pretty real entry than the ones I've posted since the last few weeks. I promised myself that I was taking a break from blogging so I could work on my very first manuscript.. but I lied.
I haven't written a new paragraph for two months. Two months of spiraling downwards.. sinking to the floor. Probably the main reason why I've been a pretty lousy being; testy and all. Being incompetent depresses me. The incapability of writing -- depresses me.

So now I should go and protect my dream.
Burn the midnight oil or what ever.
'Til the next entry...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


What's new with me?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunkissed trampoline.

March 12th it is..
Happy birthday Ratman. Hope I get to meet you one day.

Also.. a happy belated birthday to Bahijah (on the 8th!) and Incik Pae! (the day after!)
Hope you guys had a great time.. and an awesome year ahead!

Ohh! And the 16th is Red Nose Day!!
Can't believe two years have passed...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Just this one,

I promise!

Please go out and see the movie Music and Lyrics.
Please go and make Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore richer than they already are -- they deserve it.
Please watch it and listen carefully to every word conversed.. and sung in the film. They - are - BRILLIANT!!

It was SUCH an awesome movie. Finally got to persuade Dida to see it and she was just as happy that she did! (Yeayy!! Made me so proud!) The movie was an hour and a half, but it took us about another hour to get home because we felt like cruising and so Dida drove the car at an average of 60km/h. (Slowest ever, by the way!)

ps: Alia, if by any chance you get to read this at Nur's place.. hope you're enjoying your time there!! Lupekan pin untuk Pae.. Just remember mine! ahhahaha!! Walaupun his birthday is coming up! ahahha! Lupekan saja!
pps: That promise at the beginning was of course, to myself. Now I should go and be somebody useful for a change.

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