Monday, March 26, 2007



Finally got to see it.
May I just say.. that when I got myself a good deserving boyfriend, I'd like to keep him safe and if he ever gets jealous of my guy friends.. I promise that I'd just whack him in the head instead of giving him the silent treatment.

It was bittersweet. I sort of understood why it won that award in the Berlin International Film Festival. I think the storyline was pretty simple, but it had left me in a very deep thought.

Also.. I'd like to say.. that even though I realize that I'm 22.. I actually find that Mohd. Shafie Naswip kid (he's 14) was kinda hot! hahhahahahahaha!
I feel like a pervert now.
Anyway, I thought he was brilliant at that part when he called Orked out in the end. That kid was amazing!
Mukhsin was very well worth it..

Okay. That's all for tonight. I'm knackered from being out all day long. I was in Bukit Kapar, then SACC Mall, then IKEA/Ikano, dinner at Ang More Cafe (with Dida, the parents, Cik Yam, Hannah and Sarah, Cik Mi and the newly added Cik Ros).. and lastly, GSC Midvalley.
Now I'm home.. I just want to have a lie down.

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research paper service said...

The film actually sounds very interesting to me. I like movies that leave me thinking. Be sure to give your future boyfriend that whack though!

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