Thursday, March 22, 2007

The thing about K-Drama..

They have this really twisted storyline - heartaches after heartaches.. (ohh, how talented those actors, to cry right on cue!) that are stretched out soooo long - that it makes me sooo tired - then making me feel to never actually fall in love.
That tiring.
It gets me so anxious in the beginning but once I get to the middle, I feel like I should hide in a hole than knowing what's going to happen next, to the 'path' of the end. sigh. The middle part of most dramas I've seen had always made me feel like screaming.

Hey, that's just me... I still watch those Korean dramas though. haha!
Talk about not knowing what's good for you.
Hmm.. Never been keen on Koreans before, but now I'm having thoughts of; "Kalau dapat mamat Korea pon best jugak!" hahahaha! -- Sorry, English-speaking-only readers, it's a bit embarassing.. that thought. *stares feet*
Fact: Koreans are on average the tallest among Asians.

Anyway.. have you ever noticed?
In English, people would say.. "Just a second," or "wait a minute".
In Malay, we say.. "Lagi 5 minit eh." ("5 more minutes!") hahhahahaha! We Malays.....

Trying to remember that interesting line Cik Alia said to me yesterday. God, what exactly was it..?


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