Thursday, April 12, 2007

My sister is a bad influence.

Well, not exactly "bad" per se considering I wasn't so innocent to begin with. It's more like she's given me an opening for me to be more.. clouded.
It's as if I'm a grey coloured piece of cloth and she's an open tube of a darker shade of grey fabric dye. heh!

Anyway, me and Dida went to see Shooter late last night and we enjoyed it. Truthfully it wasn't my favourite genre for movies but I was pretty hooked by midway. It's a cool film about conspiracy starring Mark Wahlberg.

The thing about this sort of films is that.. I know that it was cool, but if you ask me to tell you how the story actually go, I couldn't! I just.. forget about it. But I know it's cool!! (Which makes it more and more confusing -- to me, at least.)
"I don't think you understand, they killed my dog."

You know, I keep getting myself confused about Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon and Ewan McGregor.. the names and their faces kept exchanging between themselves in my head. So somehow, I end up liking all three just as much! (Yes, even after I've seen McGregor on Trainspotting -- the git!)

I was keen on seeing Blades Of Glory actually, but I found out that it'll only be released over here in MAY!! That is just.. whacked. Seriously. Not too sure if I'll be able to wait that long even though my main motive to see it is Jenna Fischer! woot! Go go The Office people!
I'm pretty keen on seeing The Last Mimzy (Rainn Wilson) and really keen on License To Wed (John Krasinski!!) as well. hahha! What else can I say.. I'm smitten.

Aah.. Man U will match up against AC Milan for the semi finals of EUFA Champions League. Chelsea against Liverpool.. ha ha ha ha!!

Currently listening to: The River by Good Charlotte.
Nak menang tiket Good Charlotte pliss! Man, it's bugging me that I've wrote down somewhere sometime ago about how I want to see them live in my lifetime.
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