Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh finally!

It has ended..
Three weekends of Cik Mi's wedding celebration has ended. It went great, but honestly.. having to go back to Bukit Kapar every weekend preceding to this weekend was tiring; physically and mentally.
So I am.. definitely glad.
Thank you Cik Alia, Farah and Zaki for coming. That was really neat!

Okay, today's heat is really taking up all my strength. I kept dozing off everytime I got in the car, so I really should just go to bed.

Hope you guys will have a very good Sunday!
I'll probably just stay at home lazying, but how I wish I could go to Formula One this year! eurghh! With Massa on pole position and Raikkonen on third too!
And Manchester United lost to Portsmouth! The dismay...
Obviously, shite happens sometimes.

edited on 5:53 PM, April 8th 2007.
Well.. definitely, this has been quite the shitty week. Alonso won the Sepang circuit. Suppose the fact that me and Dida didn't go to see it wasn't too bad of a thing after all.


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