Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh wow!!

You guys pulled through!
Chris is safe for another week! hooraaaayyy!
(I couldn't help but cheer when I knew it was Sanjaya who's going home. Sorry Fanjaya..)
Although I doubt too many American even knows this blog's existance but I'd like to think that I played a part in this week's outcomings, okay? heeheee.

I saw The Number 23 earlier. It wasn't as bad as the reviews said actually. Well, I probably should also state in here that I love movies concerning the mind. Like this one, it's about the obsession of Jim Carrey's character.
But I think it's a bit cheating; how he adds/multiplies/subtracts the numbers just so it'd sum up to 23. I mean.. PINK; RED + WHITE - (what ever number it was) = 23?? CHEATING!
Maybe I should start looking too! Today's date, April 20th, 2007.. 20/04/07.. 7 - 4 + 20.. Oh wow, look at that!
I suppose that's the case with obsession, doesn't matter what you're really seeing but it's that ONE thing that it'll remind you of. For all you know, I could be seeing the constellation in the form of my poop every morning.

Okay, anyway.. as always, I haven't got anything worth while to share.

ps: I might edit this entry later though.


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