Saturday, April 14, 2007

Very nice.

I feel like I've just made a new friend.

For about two weeks I've been communicating with the web-administrator from Coffee Bean. I was having problems with logging in the site so I emailed her (yes, I've found out that the administrator is a SHE. Nikki, to be exact.)

Let's just say that we've exchanged emails once every few days as she helped me try out things and I would email back about how it didn't work.. (haha!) To date, she's even called me twice (woke me from my sleep at both occasions, actually) to let me know that she's done something to my account and had wanted me to try logging in again.

Very good service, I'm telling you.
Reminds me of Domino's! Wonderful wonderful people over there.
Just to say that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf -- awesome! Starbucks.. eh? Well, I can't choose between the two considering I love their Java Chip Frap (formerly known as Rhumba Frap) and the huge Venti cup.
But I have been going to Coffee Bean lately for their Caramel Frap (except of course on those times when I was in Europe since there wasn't a Coffee Bean store over there. Almost as shocking as there isn't even a single Starbucks in Nederland!)

I'm rambling, aren't I?
By the way, Nikki's call this morning had proven to be successful. I can now log into my Coffee Bean account! Yeayy!

Anyway, earlier tonight the entire family (that's me, Dida, parents, Nina, Abang Min and the kiddies) had dinner at Chilli's in Midvalley. Haven't gone there for how long I can't remember!

I'm bored.. can you tell?
I'm uploading some work stuff for Nina. It comes in the territory of being the unofficial personal assistant to both of my sisters. I do favours to get on their good side. Not too bad. Just mundane -- and I don't get to complain about it since I have nothing better to do.
Good God, I so want to write again!

Just for side notes, s03e20 of The Office was really funny. The betting in the office was really neat. Also, Good Charlotte's Good Morning Revival sounds brilliant!
Good Charlotte - Broken Hearts Parade

Just a funeral march for love today..

Ohh. Now that I remember.. I probably should write that snail mail to Aunty Loon and also email H&M to ask them to open a store over here in Malaysia! hahahha!! Talk about having too much time in my hands.

edited on 4:10 AM, April 17th 2007.
Oh.. sakit hati kerana orang perasan tahu. Seriously, when will they ever learn that if there's anything that ticks me the most.. it's people assuming that they know things about me. You know what, I think I'll just keep quiet from now on. Better keep myself shut than having people starting to say things that will end up making me feel like punching something.

I guess you can't help the fact that some people couldn't tell if you just want them to listen and say nothing or to give you an input. In this case, I wished you had just nodded and not make any other comment.
Would it hurt to agree with me once in a while?

This.. this is EXACTLY why I should never share. Sharing is NOT caring. Sharing is idiotic. No, really sharing will blow your mind away and that is why I refuse to let anyone in. At least I'll be a screw up by myself and no one will know to which extent.
Alas, my mistake.. yet again.


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