Thursday, May 31, 2007

Under The Influence.


Quite right, man.

Today is Picnic Day!! hahhaha! Really excited.
Of course.. I will need a bit of sleep before morning.


Picnic Daay!
I'm pooped!
The day was great! A day very well spent, I'd say! I headed out in the wee morning and met up with the girls around 8am. We ate.. not as much as we've brought along unfortunately! But it's only our first time so -- lesson learnt! Also.. note to self; next time, someone should bring some insect repellent! ahahhaha!

We had quite the spread.. mac and cheese, nuggets, salad, punch! also.. some serious junkfood that we can't seem to touch. ahhahaha! Talk about enthusiastic!
We took dozens of photos, ran around, jumped about.. and left our spot at 2!! (Only because the rain had seemed to start to fall-- but cancelled itself as we got into the car! Sneaky.)

Then we drove off to Midvalley where we sat and talked at Coffee Bean for THREE (possibly four) hours! Now when I try to remember it.. how is it possible for a small group of people to sit and talk for a straight 11 hours is beyond me! ahhahahaha!
Anyway, as I was trying to distract myself from sleeping on the train back home (I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before), I typically drew stuff on my hand.. and the lady next to me asked, "are you an architect?" ahhahaha!! Of course, I didn't laugh at her face, but you've got to admit, it was kind of funny. I told her that it's just some doodling. She said that even though it's a doodle, it looked good -- and even suggested that I could make money from drawing mehndis! (insert another laugh here.)
Architect? Honestly!Okay, I'm sort of freaking out now.. I just took off my watch..... AHHAHAHA!!yiiikesss!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just so you know..

Words.. (or the lack of it) are severely judged by me.
I can't help it, but I am extremely judgemental towards people who ticks me the wrong way on their first impression.

Also, the improper use of "love" will be punished. All tact will be thrown out of the window.. there will be no holding back of my sarcasm.

For instance, I just received a Friendster message from this guy whom had only wrote me once before. (And asked for my number, the nerve of him!) The second time he wrote me, although he was sorry for asking my number.. the text was full of grammatical errors, typos AND my name misspelled! (Ooh, I just can't have that!) Furthermore, he ended the message with luv.
So here's how I wrote him back;

luv? do u write that to everyone u just got to know, or it just don't mean anything to u so u write it as often as u can?
just wondering.

sigh. See.. I wasn't supposed to miss the thing that I missed last night. Now I'm just plain pissy.

I am sensing...

Multiple posts for today!

I was sorting through some photos.. and this one never fails to crack me up. heehee.
Oh, about United not coming to Malaysia.. I'm kinda glad actually! I happen to have a previous engagement on that July date and I would be extremely upset if I had to choose. (Not that I can..) I am just at peace that they decided not to come.. THANK YOUU! hahahha!

And! I am completely and utterly ELATED that Beckham's back on the England team! yeayyyy!!

edited on 8:49 AM, May 30th 2007.

aaaa.. geraamm!

No faaair! I've waited and waited and right at the moment when I took my eyes off the prize.. I've missed it!! urrghh! What dumb luck.
And I can't even talk about it without some stupid metaphors because it's too silly to divulge about anyway! Damn my vanity!! arrghhhh!!!
geramnye geramnyeee! benci benci benci!

On a different note but similarly dissatisfying, I really do prefer Chilli's restaurant in Midvalley than the one in OU! They're just not very keen there. pshh! Lesson learnt.

Stopping now.
I'm simply too edgy to write anything else.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thank you James.

I can't usually write when I listen to music. My mind would go clouded and crowded even more with the presence of music, unfortunately. Silence won't do good to me either as my ears would do their best to find any slight noise around the house -- which is worse since I am the curious cat with a vast imagination. (NOT a good combo, trust me.)

But I'm writing again now.. and still listening to James Morrison. Brilliant album, that one!
Okay, new goal: finish by my next birthday. I think I can do it. Do you think I can do it?
Please help me God.

James Morrison - This Boy
The older I get, the more that I know..

So anyway, having a bit of break right now so I decided to try out the new scanner -- LOVE IT! Just updated my Fotopage. Not as much as I would've liked but I couldn't find the rest of my b/w prints. Maybe I'll try and find them tomorrow. (Oh wait, I probably should reformat my computer first..)
Lexmark-something somethingHave a good day, people!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Be still my heart..

Damn boy, look at what you made me do!
This could very well be the sugar but my heart is about to burst.

It is as silly as a confession could go but for the first time ever, I felt like I should be running towards something (than the usual from something) --and keep running for the mere hope of captivating you.

I'm embarrassed now. I'm stopping now.
God, I can't believe I'm grinning at this.
I'll probably laugh my ass off about this next year.

By the way, did you know that even though I've had this layout for months, I've actually made several changes to it?
And yes, I've just put up James Morrison right there but NO, I am not talking about him in the first part of this entry. ekekkekeke! No.. no. *runs off still embarrassed, still giggling - and gushing*

Sunday, May 27, 2007


That was one heck of a long day!

Dida and I went to Low Yatt earlier today. I don't know why but she called me around 10 from her office and suddenly talked about upgrading her laptop.. She had wanted a working Bluetooth for what ever reason..

So she picked me up right after her work and to KL we went. (Baaaad traffic!)
Dida got her Bluetooth now -- and an 80gig external hard disc.. a new headphone.. the RAM upgraded and an all-in-one printer! hahhaha! Also.. she got me a 1gig memory stick for my phone which is absolutely BRILLIANT for me and her as well; I no longer have any reason to pester her for an iPod! AHHAHAHAHA!
Dank u wel ne oneechan! Hontoni! hihihihi.
I can't stop grinning. I mean, come on! Imagine the difference from just 64meg to 1gig! AHAHHAHAHA!! (I am.. quite delirious.)

We got home around 8 and got a quick shower/change and headed back out to pick up Hannah and Ariff to catch Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End. Eh.. what do I think about it?
Hmm.. probably you won't hear this a lot but I wasn't too keen with the whole thing. For one, it was too long, too slow and quite predictable. Maybe it's just me. I don't know.. probably I have this sixth-sense when it comes to tragic endings. I swear I'd thought of it by the end of the second film.. not exactly how it came together, but to the same result, yes.
Pshh! Yet it still bugs me. Can't stop thinking about it somehow.

We got home around 4. hahha!
I'm bored just reporting all this now.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sing to me that song again.

Statistically, I have a higher risk of commiting suicide. Of course I'm only writing this for a bit of dramatic effect but it is really, the harsh truth.

1. I am a cynic and cynics tend to engage in more self-destructive behaviour. Research shown that we smoke and drink more and are -- likely to commit suicide. Brilliant, eh?
2. As I wrote some time ago, writers are four times more likely to suffer from manic depression -- and we all know where that leads to, right? Apparently, the "same qualities that make us writers, tend to make us more sensitive to the ups and downs of daily life."
And then as I was doing a bit more reading, I found this. It's a list of writers who offed themselves in history. (Virginia Woolf's suicide letter.. was.. moving.) Who would've thought that adobting to write could be so dangerous. Excellent! I'm a bad-ass! ahhahaha!

Sometimes I worry that I talk too much about death. Sometimes I feel like I am dying because I talk about it so much -- maybe subconciously I am telling myself that the end is near.
I do realize that talking about death, or suicide especially is not normal behaviour. Even more if you've started talking about it since you were 14. The worst thing, you kept feeling surprised that you've made to another year of your birthday. Sometimes I figured that it's my sick twisted way of appreciating life -- which I hope is the answer to all this.

Because if I am really in trouble and mentally unbalanced, I wouldn't know how to ask for help. Because I think it's petty to tell anyone that you're worried that you've thought about death when the solution is as simple as;
STOP thinking about it, you knucklehead!

One Last Chance by James Morrison

Aaah.. man. I need to get myself on the track.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am officially in love--

with James Morrison!! hahhahaha!
Bet you wish I'd say a name of a real person, huh? hahha!
Well, I'm really in love with his songs. To think that he's my age.. and writes really insightful lyrics.. and, not shabby either! The only downside that I could think of.. he's a Cancer; (no offence! It's just a thing) which is probably the main reason why he could write awesome lyrics in the first place. ahhahahaha!! Man..

Anyway! Let's discuss about something that is more at hand right now..
Kaka -- or Gerrard? ahhahaha!! Kaka.. married. So is Gerrard.. well, almost! Getting married anyway. Kaka, Brazilian.. Gerrard, British - and I'm just biased. So that's about it really. ahahhaha! That's how I choose my team for tonight's match anyway. (Plus the fact that Milan had creamed United! ahhaha!) Let's just say that I prefer Liverpool for tonight -- mostly because it's an English team, even though I know it's very possible that they'll lose. (come on! We're talking about AC Milan here..)
See, I'm rational. But it's okay. They can't hurt me as much as United did. (sigh.) Basically.. I don't really care. But it's a bit disappointing to see that Reina is a little off tonight. O well..

Moving on.. I got duped today -- although, admitting it would mean that I was stupid/trusting enough to believe that there are such things as too good to be true, to be true. (dizzy much?) So, I wasn't duped. It was a friggin' unfortunate event that had led me to meet up with dear Bahijah instead! (see.. it's not so hard to twist a story so it'd focus on the better things in life!)

We just hung out at that place in BB she had mentioned in my shoutbox last week. Talking.. catching up. Somehow we keep finding things to catch up on. haha!
Loved the chat, Cik Bahijah! You're AWESOME! Remember our pact, yah! Even if fate decides that we should have another fallout. huhuu. Harapnye if that happens, we'll find our way back again! ecceeeh!
We were there for hours! Even Ilsa joined us and around midnight we made our way to Hartamas. Ilsa (and friends) had planned to watch the Champions League final there.
It was.. amusing. Like some sort of a party over there. Looaaads of people! I would love to stay and watch the football with the crowd but both me and Bahijah had promised our moms to be back by 2am. (yeah.. right. But we tried!)
this picture misses Ana..
Now I'm home, glancing at the telly every now and then 'cause I can't help myself for the love of the game.

Monday, May 21, 2007

--And I really do.

Really really like James Morrison's album!
Really really my kind of music.. in more ways than one.

My sister and I went to see Blades Of Glory last night. Really enjoyed it! It was really funny, and not just the spastic-jokes kind of way. The word-plays were also hilarious.
So.. "Support The Office's casts", CHECK for one!

When we got home, I had a nice time with Dida and Mama laughing like crazy women past midnight. (Papa was already asleep.) We were actually tumbling the things around the house to look for the things that Dida and I had lost, (ie. bras, belts, keys..) and probably it was the endorphins.. Got us to a good mood in the midst of the frustration somehow.

Take this test at Tickle
You're a Sad!
The Mood Swings Test
Brought to you by Tickle

Don't I know it? heh.
'Cause even when I still laugh remembering about the comics in the movie last night, I still feel a dark cloud hovering inside. geez.
If only my own head isn't too complicated.. (Then I wouldn't be me, yeah?)

Listening to 04 over and over.



Wonderful World by James Morrison

Well I thought that I was doing well---

And you doubt me for having any reason to love the Brits.. sheesh!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?

(I sound like a Fallout Boy song title.)

Damn, we lost.
That was one of the most boring.. annoying.. frustrating.. disappointing games I've ever witnessed.
Damn, I hate that I care so much. Stupid. Stupid. arrghh!
Eff it!!

Happy thoughts.. happy thoughts..
I swear, my ears are ringing from the heat that is building up.
Also.. must - remember - to - breathe.
It just SUCKS that the linesmen didn't see Giggs' goal. Damn frustrating! Okay, they were playing pretty lousy the entire night but even I felt put off when their goal wasn't called. NO DAMN FAIR!! *grunts*

I should try harder thinking about happy thoughts..

The upside to this whole thing.
The moment Alan Smith came in to the pitch, Dida said, "Wanie look, your friend is coming in," AHHAHAHAHA!! I swear.. that was the highlight of my night. heehee.

Oh, in case I ever need the reference, Mila became the first female winner of Akademi Fantasia. Finally, a girl -- not that I care. Dida's the one who kept changing the channels.

I should probably watch The Office again now.
I feel the dire need to grin and giggle.
Try harder next year, United-honey! I still love you. (Unfortunately. hahha!)

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I'm in a better mood.
I'm definitely in a better mood.
I can cry because I'm in such a better mood!
I won't curse, not depressed in any manner, not angry, not upset.. I am definitely.. up there. Waaay up! ahahhahah!!

I finally saw the season finale for The Office.
Go figure!!

Honey, I want you..

aaaa!! You know how yesterday I was hoping that I'll be well sustained until fall from the season finales of my favourite shows?? eeeeeeeeek!! I didn't get it from CSI:NY!! aarghhh! How frustrating! It was an intense episode, not a bad one at all, but.. but.. I want more M&Ms!! (that's forum-talk by the way. I'm in no mood to explain what it meant, I'm afraid.)
I've been getting my shows late this week, which is making me rather testy. They're more-than-a-day late and it's making me anxious, laced with anger towards the damn connection! Oh- my nerves..

I was flipping through my writing book the other day ('cause I couldn't write these days, so that's all I do.. flip through my Moleskine) and realized of all the storylines I've created, there is a certain characteristic that keeps repeating on my main character. hmm..
I have a feeling that people wouldn't know I have such a sad soul until they read my work.

I have some ideas about my psychological bursts. (Yes, that's what I'm calling it now. Don't I sound like a shrink? I'm giving terms to my own episodes! ahhahah!!)
Reading the report to my brain test yesterday made me think that instead of having a heart and a brain at their right places.. I think I have mine at opposites. I have a heart in my brain and a brain in the heart -- which is the closest conclusion that made sense to me!
ahhahaha! Don't I sound even more crazy now?

Anyway, I just spent the last couple of hours trying to sell myself with my oh-so-awesome writing. Then, 10 minutes ago, as I was confidently writing why I was meant to write, it hit me. IT. I mean, all this years I was thinking that I am a good writer, having people telling me that I am..
Were they saying it just because I write a lot, or am I really.. a good writer??

Oh God.
Not again...

Friday, May 18, 2007


I am going to write this in one possibly long paragraph so you'll have the impression that I am saying this in one go -- okay, not in one breath; several breath, many lines, one go. Starts now-- I had a mildly amusing day, starting last night when I rediscovered the number 14.. reminded how silly I can be when I found a fairly new crush.. brushed up on my pop culture by flipping the tv channel between Rosemary's Baby and the 1990's version of Night Of The Living Dead; which I liked because the zombies were slow and human prevails! There is hope yet for us.. Later I did another quiz on Tickle and found out that I have a "Balanced-brain" without any obvious dominant side; which sounded almost cool for the fact that I can be romantic, rationally. hahha! But it also means that I can be prone to indecisiveness -- which is VERY true. Guess you just CAN'T have everything. (O God, o God please show me otherwise! ahhahahah!) Then I finally got to see this week's Heroes, House and Gilmore Girls. God! Gilmore Girls.. I can't believe it's ended!! Arrghh! Such a good episode but so saaad!! Still can't believe it got canned. Oh, good episode on House as well, but my feelings for Gilmore Girls are obviously over-powering it. Lots of shows' season finale are on this week and next week. Hope they'll be reaaally good to keep me sustained for their break 'til fall. Ooh~ did anyone notice that the weather is still pretty cold in Europe?? 15ºC in Amsterdam! What the heck is that? It's May! It's supposed to be summer! I'm telling you man, global warming is not a myth. It's really happening just you won't see it until you want to see it! In this case, ignorance isn't bliss, my friends. I just hope that there won't be any sudden heat waves like last year. The thought of people dying because of the heat is just too horrible. On a different note, I must say again that I miss Europe. I miss the clothes (H&M!!!), I miss the trams, I miss the languages that I don't understand, I miss being useful; even just a little bit, and I miss hanging out with my sister since she's been out every night this week that I barely see her for two hours collectively. You see, me and both my sisters.. we have a system. We are a system. We rely on each other to vent about our parents. I know.. I know.. that may sound mean to you but that's just how we are. So being stuck here, alone.. again is making me go bonkers! God, this is not exactly a good week!! I'm shutting up now. I DO realize people have lives and they especially don't need to listen to me vent. See! There I go again. I can imagine exactly what Dida and Alia would say to my thoughts right now.. Geez, I need to control this psychological bursts. But right now, I need to pee.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yeayy for Mayy!

the pompous ass..

Just love this pic!
Can't wait for Shrek The Third to be released over here. I saw "Opening Night" on Star Movies earlier and it's making me reaaally anxious!

Also.. next week, Pirates Of The Caribbean!
Thank God.. I'm getting bored of that "yo-ho yo-hoo" song. (And Dida's tired of listening to me sing to it. haha!)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wa-heyy, I'm not dumb!

Things I do on a slow day:

1. Watch the downloaded tv shows/movies one last time before I delete them.

2. Check out new trailers on Apple.

3. Go to GSC Online to check the Malaysian release dates for the movies I'm keen on seeing (from the trailers).
License To Wed - August 2nd
Disturbia - also.. August 2nd. hmm.. John Krasinski or Shia LaBeouf? JK!!! heeheehee.
Knocked Up - August 9th
Bourne Ultimatum - September 27th
Georgia Rule - no idea!

4. -- for what ever reason -- find a reason!
that's how I know about The Eye for yesterday's entry anyway! Almost-mindless surfing, I call it. Just now I found out that they're filming the sequel to National Treasure! yeaayy! Can't wait for that one.
I have to be honest.. I am a sucker for sequels! I'm also looking forward to The Brazillian Job. (and it's not even filmed yet!)

5. Close my eyes and pick one of the books on my "favourite section" of the bookcase.
Sometimes I cheat. I'd pick something out but decided to reread Pride and Prejudice instead.

6. Go to and do quizzes!
On the contrary to popular belief, I am quite capable of logical thinking! Pretty good at it if I have to say so myself! ahahha!
Go get a kick out of The Brainteaser Test

7. YouTube!!!
Sharing could be caring. (On certain circumstances, of course!)

Just a general tip.. if you're planning on to go to the bank, go during the middle of the month! You wouldn't have to wait long (or at all!) for your turn. At least this is true in Shah Alam. I went to CIMB and Maybank both yesterday and today -- no waiting at all! Felt a bit isolated somehow, but that's just me.

edited on 2:57 AM, May 17th 2007.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh no..

Hollywood is remaking Hong Kong's The Eye, set to be released in October.
Man, can't they just leave other people's films as it is? Why do they have to remake every single thing??

Sure, I'll probably see it anyway since it's quite apparent that I'm an avid movie-goer, plus Jessica Alba is playing the lead role. But the thought that they're remaking yet another Asian horror film is just.. *snore* Find a new idea already!! Geez!

In a way, I am quite anxious to see how it'll turn out. The Eye scared the crap outta me but it stands still.. one of my favourite horror films. (That, and Shutter! Awesome stuff.)
I hope it doesn't turn out like the other remakes. Hollywood's version of The Ring was alright, but The Ring 2.. bluerghh. Also, Ju-On (The Grudge.. and the second one). yeech!
Although.. if there is any chance I could suggest something that could probably use a little Hollywood touch.. Battle Royale!! ahhahaha!! That would be AWESOME!! (Yes, I'm a little dark sometimes.)

Haven't got anything else to share. Of course I did some stuff today but it's hardly worth writing about.
I need to get a move on.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

OH - MY - GOD!


I'm so excited!

Might be a little too excited over a tv show, apparently.
Ohh yeayy!!

Oh, just in case.. if you don't think the song that I put up a few hours ago was "pure brilliant".. well, I suppose you'd have to imagine yourself being chased by zombies. I know I said Jars Of Clay's Work is my soundtrack for running to catch the train, but In The House - In A Heartbeat is definitely the soundtrack I'd play if ever I get chased by a bunch of zombies. heehee.

From zombies to.. zombies.


In The House - In A Heartbeat
(this song is pure brilliant, I'm telling you!)

Went to see 28 Weeks Later.
Unlike Alia, instead of being scared by the end of the movie, I left the cinema feeling sad -- as always. I know that's unnatural, but I do. Every single time after seeing a film about zombies; be it Resident Evil (one or two.. Number three is coming out soon in September!) or Dawn Of The Dead or Land Of The Dead.. I just feel sad. (An obvious exception to Shaun Of The Dead -- man, I love that one!)
I honestly think that if any of the ones I care turned into a zombie, I'd just let them bite me. Obviously normal-human are too weak to fight them off so let's just join them! Plus, I wouldn't have to beat myself up for having to consider whether I should or shouldn't smack either of my sisters with a hammer in the head.
I know, I know.. I'm romanticizing, I know. I don't think I could ever be logic if I was faced with a decision such as that.

Okay, maybe it'll never happen, but who knows? Scientists are playing around with human DNA and "accidents" happen. So, if God-willing.. that could be one way to end the world!
ahahhaha! Don't I sound morbid.

I'm trying my best not to start another psychotic-burst like yesterday so I think I'll go ahead and yap about movies that I'd recently saw.

The Invincible, starring Mark Wahlberg was very Disney. I said I wanted to see it, so I did. I can't remember what I'd wanted to say right after I saw it but I know I liked it. But then, how can anyone hate a Disney movie? (I saw Robots a few nights ago.. I loved it! Wait.. that's not from Disney! Well, I mean.. you can't possibly hate heart-warming-fuzzy-feeling sort of story, can you?)

"The Era of Procrastination, of Half-Measures, of Soothing and Baffling Expedients, of Delays is coming to it's Close. In it's place we are entering a Period of Concequences."
Churchill said that in 1936 and Al Gore had smartly used it in relation to his presentation in An Unconvenient Truth.
Please watch this one. Everyone should be informed and concerned about Global Warming. Nobody wins from your ignorance.

What else? The Ex. Feel free to avoid this. It's one o'those romantic comedies that annoys you by the weak lead character and the supremely evil 'villain'. Err.. you probably don't know what that means, but it's easy to say that.. it's not that funny, and incredibly predictable. yeech!
Trust The Man was alright. I don't know. There are some parts that made me think but most parts are pretty forgettable.

I'm going to see Thank You For Smoking next. Also London and Perfume but I'm not in any hurry to see them somehow. Maybe I'll bore you again with my thoughts after that.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I *still* think I need help.

Yeah, though I never asked for it.
Have you ever heard me ever asking for anybody's help? I honestly don't get myself most times. Like, I have a couple of journals that could probably explain myself to me but I'm afraid of reading them.

I found out recently that I've blacked out some huge parts of my life.
A few months ago, like any other day I decided to clear up my cupboard, trying to throw out the things that I don't need anymore, (of course, I don't need half of the things in it) but I was held back when I found my journals and decided to sit down and read them.
Now I remember how broken my heart was about some things in the past.
And to be truthfully honest, I could think of a couple of people that wouldn't be my friends today if I hadn't forgotten what had happened.

I was that good at blocking out my own memory.
It's amazing how traumatizing those experiences were that I had actually forgotten about it to remember how to laugh again. And now to remember it again.. I'm forgetting how my laugh really sounds again.
Wow. It's like the two can't exist on the same timeline and now.. apparently I am in deep shit.

I still think I need a psychologist. You know, someone who has no idea who I was (or am).. Somebody unbiased. Somebody I have no judgements of.
But the mere idea of starting over, telling this person about my life from the beginning has already sound tiring.. and petty. Do I really need help?? (Don't answer!)

And I hate people offering their help. Sure.. sure.. everybody needs to be helped at some point, I get it. But I still hate it. In the deep psyche of my head, Plato's words keeps ringing; "be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle". Shit. Somebody should've told me earlier that reading up too many quotes aren't too good for you. Yeah, I am hardly kind but I kept thinking that I need to sort my own problems.
Asking for help, wanting opinions or even venting.. hasn't been an easy option for me.

There is no way out. I am too critical of my own thoughts. I am best described to be making a living in my own prison where the bars aren't only locked shut; the very hinges, the hole of the lock for the key, from the grills to the floor -- are glued. No way out. I am.. trapped in my own ideas (or lack of it) until the day I would suffocate and finally die, by myself.

Now tell me that all these aren't the words of a twisted.. and most obviously, troubled person. I dare you, go ahead and tell me.
You know what's the most amazing thing about writing this entry?? I have completely forgetten what had ticked me to start writing it this way in the first place. Seriously.

I just need inspiration.
Why does it have to be this hard? Why aren't my words flowing freely if I wasn't angry.. melancholic or yacking about things that hardly means anything?
I'd rather be dead than detached.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Let's just say that I'm bored.
So instead of keeping myself quiet, I decided to blog even though I am completely and utterly uninspired.

Then I say that I am thinking of a few songs that probably relates to me. But to honestly admit that would reveal too much of myself and God knows how much I try to avoid that.
So you can believe all you want, but I shall make you wonder by saying that this is merely.. my sayings.

I have been listening to this song** by Good Charlotte because lyrically, it's a bit sad. But it doesn't sound so. But there's also this song** by Doves which sounds perfectly depressing but I don't think I actually understood the lyrics. heh.

And this is the part where I say that I have no idea why I wrote this in the first place when seemingly it has no point what so ever.

** right click and 'save as' if you wish to download the Flash audio file (*.flv)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Cheers to the Champions!

Aaah Mourinho, saying my team is the best team "mathematically" means that your team has been the best team for the last two years.. just mathematically, right?
heehee. Thank you Chelsea for playing unexcitingly with Arsenal (haha!) tonight.
Manchester United is now officially Barclay's Premier League Champions. ahahhahah!!
Was it just me, or Mourinho did look a bit cuckoo earlier.

I think I'm supposed to say more than this but I just don't feel like it.

Glory glory Man United!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am a closed paperback.

Hello dear friend,
I haven't said much about 'myself' lately, have I?
I guess I am changed. I've become emotionally unavailable somehow.. even more than I usually was.
Ah well.. do you really care to know? Even I don't care about myself at most times.

Moving on.. I went to see Spider-man 3 tonight! I have to say.. it was long - and I felt it. There were too many characters and I find it hard to focus on any emotion. It felt like they're trying to cram too many things in 2 and a half hours, and boy I hate being rushed.
But you must know, it wasn't a bad film. I suppose I'm just too fond of the second one. Really.. this third installment was alright. I kinda like the fact that it's a bit sad. I won't spoil it (much) to those who haven't seen it but I have to say this.. Ohh James Franco!! Your beautiful face! *sigh*

Also, I finally get to see this week's Gilmore Girls. Just for notes, the show is getting cancelled at the end of their current 7th season. It's sad, no more Lorelais.
Anyway, this week's episode was.. I don't know how to describe it but the part with Lorelai singing on the karaoke.. almost made me cry. She was.. Accidentally vulnerable there. Awesome.

Okay. That's it for tonight. Trying to get that song Mary-Jane sang at the jazz club in the end of Spidey-movie but I couldn't find her version anywhere so I'll just have to settle with Diana Krall.
Not feeling too good actually.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ooh wow!

I hope this is still "news".
Man, I don't know how I missed this for over a month.
Deathly Hallows(is that Prongs? hmmm...)

Mahu tengok Spidey malam ini! Hoyehh!

edited on 3:06 PM, May 4th 2007.
Just got the freebie from Nikki! A mug, naturally! You can't act surprised to that. heehee.

A good night!

Okay, I haven't got much to say but I had fun tonight. I had a rendezvous with Bahijah at Hartamas (Uncle Don) and it was waay coool!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Okay.. I won't curse.

It's sad.. disappointing.
I refuse to go online on my Yahoo! Messenger for fear of being swept by depression. My emotions apparently rules my life, so..

Manchester United LOST. They lost so bad I feel awful for supporting them in the first place. The goals from AC Milan was like taking candy away from a child. Too easy! Sooo easy that I am thankful that humans weren't made to die of shame.
Seriously. I wish I could cry if that would make any sense but I know that it won't. Just a feeling of a deep deep fall into the abyss. Does that make any sense?

I feel like my heart was dropped into a deep, dark hole in the ground and I'm thinking.. "maybe I should just leave it there, 'cause you know.. if I try to reach it, I would entirely fall and there is no way I could be saved."
Get it?

Maybe it's just how I was made. Maybe God has given me the talent to pick teams with the most exciting bunch but with lousy lousy.. incredibly lousy defense. (United.. Selangor.. both teams had won lots but in truth, both teams have always had lousy defense.)

I don't think I'll actually give any credit to AC Milan. (haha!) I would rather think that United's defense was extra lousy tonight. Okay, comparing Dida (the goalkeeper -- not my sister!) to Van De Sar.. he has been brilliant. And Kaka was definitely better than Christiano but he's got time.. In fact, the entire AC Milan team was waaaay more experienced than United's!
I didn't remember who it was actually but the commentator had said last week about how the first time one of Milan's appeared for the team, Christiano was only 7 months old and Rooney was still in the womb! heehee. I thought that was an amusing fact.

Ah.. I knew that to win over Milan was too good to be true. I only dared to hope after last week's amazing performance.
Hope is such a dangerous thing. (if it's a thing at all.)
I'm reduced to hope for EPL and FA Cup then.

Just for notes, I was exposed to more testosterone while I was in the womb, making me more keen to things that guys would find interesting. (Although cars has never been my forte.. no idea why!) Seriously. I checked. heehee.
It's easy, really. Just look at the fingers on your right hand. See (measure if you must) whether your index finger or your ring finger is longer than the other. Your index finger is basically the "estrogen" finger while the ring finger is the "testosterone" finger. Voila!

Now aren't I full of facts tonight?
Going to cheer myself up with a dose of Heroes now. *sigh* It's sad that I truly believe that I'll stay a United's fan 'til the day that I die..

edited on 3:20 PM, May 3rd 2007.
It's American Idol related, highlight if you must know: Chris Richardson got booted. And he looks like he's about to cry! Awww. I'm not caring about the show anymore. Bluerghhh.

See.. I'm boring, really.

Bought a new pair of jeans from Dorothy Perkins earlier tonight. They are having mid-season sale, up to 50% korting. Even my dad thinks the jeans was a good buy! heehee.
Second leg of semi-finals between AC Milan and Manchester United will kick off in about an hour. eeeek!! My poor nerves!
Even a cheesecake couldn't help. Two should probably do it but that'd be too much.

edited on 3:24 AM, May 3rd 2007.
Fuck it.
Exactly what I was worried about.. stupid effing defense!! And it's only 38 minutes in. Seriously.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In no mood to write.

Yeah.. well.

Dida wants Chelsea to win tonight. I.. have too many thoughts on this but as the title says..

edited on 1:47 PM, May 2nd 2007.
Poor Chelsea. Poor Dida, after all I've said about Liverpool's stats she had still wanted them to lose. (Dida wasn't really rooting for either team, but she just didn't want her buddy's team to win!)
Maybe Mourinho didn't get the same statistics that I got. haha! Thank you Liverpool F.C. for doing your job. Nobody disses my team and gets away with it.. the prick! And!
"I feel we deserve to be in a final, three times now in four seasons we get this close, we deserve a final."
Deserve?? That's childish.

United tonight! eeek!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I just don't feel like writing..

the road
the night's moon

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