Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am officially in love--

with James Morrison!! hahhahaha!
Bet you wish I'd say a name of a real person, huh? hahha!
Well, I'm really in love with his songs. To think that he's my age.. and writes really insightful lyrics.. and, not shabby either! The only downside that I could think of.. he's a Cancer; (no offence! It's just a thing) which is probably the main reason why he could write awesome lyrics in the first place. ahhahahaha!! Man..

Anyway! Let's discuss about something that is more at hand right now..
Kaka -- or Gerrard? ahhahaha!! Kaka.. married. So is Gerrard.. well, almost! Getting married anyway. Kaka, Brazilian.. Gerrard, British - and I'm just biased. So that's about it really. ahahhaha! That's how I choose my team for tonight's match anyway. (Plus the fact that Milan had creamed United! ahhaha!) Let's just say that I prefer Liverpool for tonight -- mostly because it's an English team, even though I know it's very possible that they'll lose. (come on! We're talking about AC Milan here..)
See, I'm rational. But it's okay. They can't hurt me as much as United did. (sigh.) Basically.. I don't really care. But it's a bit disappointing to see that Reina is a little off tonight. O well..

Moving on.. I got duped today -- although, admitting it would mean that I was stupid/trusting enough to believe that there are such things as too good to be true, to be true. (dizzy much?) So, I wasn't duped. It was a friggin' unfortunate event that had led me to meet up with dear Bahijah instead! (see.. it's not so hard to twist a story so it'd focus on the better things in life!)

We just hung out at that place in BB she had mentioned in my shoutbox last week. Talking.. catching up. Somehow we keep finding things to catch up on. haha!
Loved the chat, Cik Bahijah! You're AWESOME! Remember our pact, yah! Even if fate decides that we should have another fallout. huhuu. Harapnye if that happens, we'll find our way back again! ecceeeh!
We were there for hours! Even Ilsa joined us and around midnight we made our way to Hartamas. Ilsa (and friends) had planned to watch the Champions League final there.
It was.. amusing. Like some sort of a party over there. Looaaads of people! I would love to stay and watch the football with the crowd but both me and Bahijah had promised our moms to be back by 2am. (yeah.. right. But we tried!)
this picture misses Ana..
Now I'm home, glancing at the telly every now and then 'cause I can't help myself for the love of the game.


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