Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In no mood to write.

Yeah.. well.

Dida wants Chelsea to win tonight. I.. have too many thoughts on this but as the title says..

edited on 1:47 PM, May 2nd 2007.
Poor Chelsea. Poor Dida, after all I've said about Liverpool's stats she had still wanted them to lose. (Dida wasn't really rooting for either team, but she just didn't want her buddy's team to win!)
Maybe Mourinho didn't get the same statistics that I got. haha! Thank you Liverpool F.C. for doing your job. Nobody disses my team and gets away with it.. the prick! And!
"I feel we deserve to be in a final, three times now in four seasons we get this close, we deserve a final."
Deserve?? That's childish.

United tonight! eeek!


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