Thursday, May 03, 2007

Okay.. I won't curse.

It's sad.. disappointing.
I refuse to go online on my Yahoo! Messenger for fear of being swept by depression. My emotions apparently rules my life, so..

Manchester United LOST. They lost so bad I feel awful for supporting them in the first place. The goals from AC Milan was like taking candy away from a child. Too easy! Sooo easy that I am thankful that humans weren't made to die of shame.
Seriously. I wish I could cry if that would make any sense but I know that it won't. Just a feeling of a deep deep fall into the abyss. Does that make any sense?

I feel like my heart was dropped into a deep, dark hole in the ground and I'm thinking.. "maybe I should just leave it there, 'cause you know.. if I try to reach it, I would entirely fall and there is no way I could be saved."
Get it?

Maybe it's just how I was made. Maybe God has given me the talent to pick teams with the most exciting bunch but with lousy lousy.. incredibly lousy defense. (United.. Selangor.. both teams had won lots but in truth, both teams have always had lousy defense.)

I don't think I'll actually give any credit to AC Milan. (haha!) I would rather think that United's defense was extra lousy tonight. Okay, comparing Dida (the goalkeeper -- not my sister!) to Van De Sar.. he has been brilliant. And Kaka was definitely better than Christiano but he's got time.. In fact, the entire AC Milan team was waaaay more experienced than United's!
I didn't remember who it was actually but the commentator had said last week about how the first time one of Milan's appeared for the team, Christiano was only 7 months old and Rooney was still in the womb! heehee. I thought that was an amusing fact.

Ah.. I knew that to win over Milan was too good to be true. I only dared to hope after last week's amazing performance.
Hope is such a dangerous thing. (if it's a thing at all.)
I'm reduced to hope for EPL and FA Cup then.

Just for notes, I was exposed to more testosterone while I was in the womb, making me more keen to things that guys would find interesting. (Although cars has never been my forte.. no idea why!) Seriously. I checked. heehee.
It's easy, really. Just look at the fingers on your right hand. See (measure if you must) whether your index finger or your ring finger is longer than the other. Your index finger is basically the "estrogen" finger while the ring finger is the "testosterone" finger. Voila!

Now aren't I full of facts tonight?
Going to cheer myself up with a dose of Heroes now. *sigh* It's sad that I truly believe that I'll stay a United's fan 'til the day that I die..

edited on 3:20 PM, May 3rd 2007.
It's American Idol related, highlight if you must know: Chris Richardson got booted. And he looks like he's about to cry! Awww. I'm not caring about the show anymore. Bluerghhh.


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