Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wa-heyy, I'm not dumb!

Things I do on a slow day:

1. Watch the downloaded tv shows/movies one last time before I delete them.

2. Check out new trailers on Apple.

3. Go to GSC Online to check the Malaysian release dates for the movies I'm keen on seeing (from the trailers).
License To Wed - August 2nd
Disturbia - also.. August 2nd. hmm.. John Krasinski or Shia LaBeouf? JK!!! heeheehee.
Knocked Up - August 9th
Bourne Ultimatum - September 27th
Georgia Rule - no idea!

4. IMDB.com -- for what ever reason -- find a reason!
that's how I know about The Eye for yesterday's entry anyway! Almost-mindless surfing, I call it. Just now I found out that they're filming the sequel to National Treasure! yeaayy! Can't wait for that one.
I have to be honest.. I am a sucker for sequels! I'm also looking forward to The Brazillian Job. (and it's not even filmed yet!)

5. Close my eyes and pick one of the books on my "favourite section" of the bookcase.
Sometimes I cheat. I'd pick something out but decided to reread Pride and Prejudice instead.

6. Go to Tickle.com and do quizzes!
On the contrary to popular belief, I am quite capable of logical thinking! Pretty good at it if I have to say so myself! ahahha!
Go get a kick out of The Brainteaser Test

7. YouTube!!!
Sharing could be caring. (On certain circumstances, of course!)

Just a general tip.. if you're planning on to go to the bank, go during the middle of the month! You wouldn't have to wait long (or at all!) for your turn. At least this is true in Shah Alam. I went to CIMB and Maybank both yesterday and today -- no waiting at all! Felt a bit isolated somehow, but that's just me.

edited on 2:57 AM, May 17th 2007.


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