Monday, June 18, 2007


I've been listening to Ross Copperman lately.
Quite an interesting character he is..
He's an American.. who signed with a UK label! Now isn't that just.. different? You really don't hear that too often, do you?

Anyway, his song was recently featured on One Tree Hill and I just LOVE the sound. I'm a bit sad to admit this, but I think he's quite high on the list with James Morrison! hahhaha! Well, I think they sound a bit similar just that Ross Copperman is more of a piano-guy. A catchy-tune sort of a piano-guy.
Aaah.. you just have to listen to him. (I've just uploaded one of his songs on my LL.) There aren't too many people sharing his songs though..
And I have this one song, which I love LOVE but it doesn't have a title and that bugs meee!! How can I tell people to listen to it when it doesn't have a title, right?! grrr.
Visit Ross' website. (wow.. we're on first name basis already. haha!)

Okay. Running off to the telly now. The United States Grand Prix is on. (Pharrell Williams is sitting with Lewis Hamilton's father!)
Oh, just want to let you know that I now have a working "feed"! hahha! I don't know if there's anyone who actually uses it but it's a comfort to me that if anybody does.. it's there.

Have a good week everyone!

edited on 3:07 AM, June 18th 2007.
Lewis Hamilton won. I must admit, for a rookie.. he's EXTREMELY impressive. Really. And I'm not saying this just because he's a Briton. I like that he thanked his crews on the radio right after he crossed the flag. Even said he loves them! haha! That was amusing. He's really.. a brilliant driver. Ferrari should get him! AHHAHAHA!! naah.. Competetion is good.
Honestly I'm a bit worried for Hamilton. I mean, he's going a little too fast too soon! (Although I don't mind him winning over Alonso! hohoho!) AND! He's younger than I am!! I swear.. if harbouring jealousy could kill.. I would've died by now. Think Wayne Rooney.. Christiano Ronaldo.. (sorry for the sports references, I couldn't think of anything else right now.) Thank God there isn't a bestselling author with my age out there. (If there is, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!)


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