Thursday, June 28, 2007

32 hours and counting..

I don't have to tell everything, do I?

day out!

Had a day out with Ablen, Ana, Bahijah and Dar. Went bowling.. played UNO.. just hanging around; nothing much really. I'm not even sure if we had any "catching up".. just really.. Hanging out. We met up around 2pm and said our goodbyes around 9pm.

After that I joined Dida for a bit of karaoke with her friends at SOGO's Red Box Ria 'til half past eleven.

Now I'm just recording how much I'd spent today; 2.90 + 9.40 + 12 + 12.50 + 1. That's about right, I think!

Alright. I'm just too woozy for anything else now. Can't even listen to music, let alone type out anything actually worth reading.
Ohh! I saw this dude that reminds me of James Morrison earlier. Well, he doesn't really look alike but dressed similarly.

I got another invisible nudge from the Higher Power today (technically, it was yesterday). Guess I should really move now. I mean, how many signs can you ignore right? Feels like I have loads of things to do but SLEEPING is at the very top of my list. I'll think about tomorrow (today), tomorrow (today).
Can't help feeling excited for Friday though!

Depp, I want pictures!

edited on 7:22 AM, June 28th 2007.
I don't know what a "sleep in" is. *wink*
Now that I have a bit of rest, I've remembered to say Sorry.. to my buddies for my slightly moody behaviour yesterday. huhuu. Well, I don't know if it surfaced a lot but at least I felt a bit out of the weather at some points.
You see, I was born with an awesome physical endurance.. Psychologically -- not so much.


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