Friday, June 15, 2007


Listening to Oasis.

I signed up on the other day. I'm trying to figure out if I have always listened to British stuff and never actually realized it. I mean honestly, I used to think that Britpop was quite laughable some years ago. hahahha! (I was even cruel back then..)
Oddly enough, Doves, The Smiths and Oasis (who happens to be on my playlist) were all from Manchester! hahha! Destiny much?
I must state here that I haven't just adopted the keenness to British artists only recently because I said I'm fixated on most things British. I think the keenness were always there which led to that statement in the first place. eccewwaahh! "statement".. tak larat. Just, I wasn't thinking of music when I said it. More like literature and culture wise.

Going to see Fantastic Four later tonight.
Hmm.. my playlist just went on Breath by Breaking Benjamin. I can't get the line out of my head now; you left a hole where my heart should be. Awesome.
Aaah! I'm sorry.. I ran out of things to share.
Feeling a tad fake somehow. I am mentally under the weather.


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