Sunday, June 17, 2007

Drive me insane.

Feels like Sunday.
Well, yesterday felt like a Sunday to me.. today is.. the day after that but not quite Monday. hahhaha! I'm sorry.. (I really am) I feel like I'm going crazy right now.

I was never big on the present, let alone the future.. but today I caught myself feeling slightly giddy about the great unknown. It's the two sides of my brain working together again..
Between the scepticism and hopefulness, I just don't know which side should I let to win.

Dreams.. are merely dreams.
But on the rare occasion that I get filled up by the overwhelming belief that I could truly make them real one day.. is the ultimate feeling that just teared me up -- in the good kind.
Am I being too poetic now?

Right about now is the part where I regret saying that I care this much about my dreams. Already I'm hearing the invisible scoffs that also shouts at me to stop dreaming.
In my defence.. There is a great difference between a dream and a wish. I am not simply looking at the skies and ask for good fortunes. Fortune is smacked right on our faces either good or bad; we have no control over it.
A dream.. a dream you have a control of.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is.. this is my testament that I will try my best to make mine true.. even if it kills me -- although seeing from my diet of unhealthy foods, irregular meal times, lack of exercising and other awful things that I deliberately put inside me are quite the assurance that that could very well happen in not too long. hahha!!
My "dark side" is back -- but I won't let it spoil this morning!

The realization that a dream is tangible with the power of a single drive.
(hahha!! I'm talking weird again, aren't I? It sounds cool in my head anyway.)

By the way, the future me should probably look back at today and know that my other browser is on Wikipedia about "writer's block"! ahhahha! The irony of it is making even me laugh.


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