Sunday, June 24, 2007

I love match day!

It's exciting.. the atmosphere gets you all pumped up. Makes you laugh, smile.. though it may hurt sometimes but it always leave you wanting more. You scream and shout silly things, get all heated up and drenched with sweat.. have a smoke..
err.. yeah, I am still talking about match day.

Dida and I at Shah Alam Stadium

We sat near some pretty cool crowd; they shout just as much as we do. This one particular guy was really funny. While we settled with lines such as "sissy", "get up, you pussy", "never eat rice, aa?", "friggin' idiot" and the likes of those.. when the visiting team players were injured, this particular man would shout at the top of his lungs: "get him out of there.. throw him into a ditch!" (bawak keluar.. campak masuk longkang!) or "get him out.. and into a coffin!" (bawak keluar terus masuk kerandaa! Kerandaaaa!!) ahhahah! That was one cool dude. Morbid, but very cool!

The game that we went to was the FA Cup semi-finals and we (Selangor!) drew with Kedah. It wasn't enough. We actually lost 3-1 on aggregate.
It was a little sad that we didn't win, but honestly Dida and I were pretty impressed with this year's team. I mean, they are all local players; not a single import! And I think they've improved on their passes. They were lacking of that certain ummph at the attacking position but I haven't got too many bad things to say about the defence and the goal keeper. (Which is an improvement in my book!)
I think it's a good team.. but needs a heck load of practice!
Do remember that this is my team and I tend to side on them.

Dida questioned my friendliness towards some strangers as we walked out of the stadium. Ah well.. if you know me at all, you'd know I'm incapable of passing a chance to speak to a stranger. (Unless I'm in a really bad.. awkward mood of course.) Plus, the guys that spoke to me had said something really smart that just struck me. They said, "hidup Selangor!" ("Long live Selangor".. basically.) heehee.
So honestly, imagine yourself being at a stadium after one of your team's match and somebody said that to you. It would be silly not to agree, right? Don't you want your team to keep fighting? So of course I had to respond to those guys! Plus.. I always find men/boys amusing anyway. They're even funnier when they try to be funny. (sorry!)

Afterwards, me and Dida went for a drive around before going to the McD Drive Thru, and whaddyaknow! The cashier girl was from Kedah!! ahahhaha!! Life is just funny sometimes..


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