Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wish you hadn't sang about me.

Do you think it's possible for a film to broaden your mind even more than a book can do?
I finally saw Before Sunrise. (refer to old entry) It was beautiful. It made Before Sunset even more deep and meaningful than it already is. I found myself emotionally enlightened.. somehow.
Both films are definitely at the top half of my favourite movies list.

I suppose I just have a thing for movies where all they do is talk. Strip all those cool editing and special effects, truly rely on the characters and script to make the film.. great.
Of course, this is just my opinion. I must admit that the ideas and mannerisms said throughout both films were almost things that could've come out from my own mouth -- and that Jesse and Celine could very well be two of my favourite friends.
Also.. it helps that Celine happens to be a Sag and believes in astrology! ahhahaha! You've just got to laugh at that.

Sometimes I feel like certain people.. were born to give a crap about astrology. Maybe it's the way the stars were lined when they were born and made them more attuned to what's going on up in the sky. (Just for notes, Nostrodamus was born on December 14th! hahhaha!)
Well, I'm a Muslim so I've been brought up not to believe in horoscopes, so I don't. They are bullshit, except that they are fun to read and sometimes things do happen like what it said. heehee. (Coincedences, I swear.) What I believe in is that compatibility between signs are pretty predictable.

Okay, I'm not ignoring the fact about how people were brought up and had different surroundings when they grew up, but I believe that the time they were born had also played a part on how their take on things and react to them.
I'm not trying to make anyone believe what I believe in -- that is a lost cause, but I'm simply pointing out that I believe in this and what ever you may say on your disbelief in hopes of changing my mind would be.. a lost cause itself.

Aahh.. I think I've written enough for today.
I'm listening to A Waltz For A Night by Julie Delpy. It's the song Celine played on the guitar for Jesse. This song makes me sigh. I'll get the song up on my LL in a bit.

Maybe everyone have to have their own little Jesse, yeah?
I hope there'll be another continuity after Before Sunset in 2013. I think that'd be.. wonderful!


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Monkey's Bunny said...

err.. right.

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