Monday, June 11, 2007

Inside joke.

No, I wasn't on a yet another attempt on hiatus. (Although I probably should've let it happen.. finally. Rain check?) Well, the internet was down at my house and it turned out to be a pretty good thing!

The inability to go online had stopped me from writing yet another angry-entry, which usually would lead to yet another psychotic babble where I use my natural talent to blame myself after everything in the end.

In case you were curious about what I've been up to, here's what you've missed;

I turned my pissy mood to gratitude when I took the offline situation in a positive note: It is God's way of kicking my arse to start typing out the four-full page of storyline on my Moleskine to the computer into a real story. (Of course, it isn't finished yet! But I typed some 800++ words in one hour. hah! I am so proud of myself for finally doing it instead of making yet another excuse to not type them, ie. "it's just not the same.. writing isn't writing when you're typing.")

Dida bought me a pair of awesome goggles and a swimming suit which was pretty revealing. (I have a ginormous arse and a belly, is that new?) The girls in the family went to the beach on Sunday (my father and brother in law -- absent!) and we had a really brilliant time! Swimming (or the attempt of it), picnic, more attempts in swimming and a long sleep afterwards because we were too pooped to do anything else.
My entire body aches, in places I never thought I had before. But it's all good -- I'd like to think that I was toning myself. Whether I've become anymore tanned, I'm not too sure.

I saw the single worst accident ever on the Canadian Grand Prix. (Note that I was 10 in 1994 and Fourmula One wasn't on my mind yet.) I was honestly worried for Kubica; I LOVE his PSA on Hitz! (and I just found out that he's a Sagi.. my age even!) The way those debris flew.. looked like something out of a war movie. All the while I thought Burti's accident in 2001 was bad enough but Kubica's was so much worse. I felt bad for always looking forward to the Gilles Villeneuve circuit. (Although I just can't take it out of my favourite circuits list!) Thankfully he came out of it quite alright.
Lewis Hamilton of McLaren won the race.. he's British, I forgive him.
Oh, the safety car was out on the track four times, and only 12 cars finished the race last night. ("Night" is relative.)

I found out that Arjen Robben is my age!! Yepp.. that balding Dutch guy that plays for Chelsea was born in 1984, my friends. See, I just don't quite get why Europeans looks so much mature than us Asians. I'm stuck with my 18-year old face (or so I've been told) but I suppose that's a good thing, considering I haven't achieved anything amazing to proof that I am worthy of using up the oxygen for the last 22 years.
I also found out that nobody famous shares my same exact birthday. Which I'd like to think -- a good thing, leaving me a space to get my name in there one day! (1984 on Wikipedia)

I've also figured out why I am so fixated over Undiscovered.
It's the lyrics, really. Definitely the lyrics. A downtrodden man with a big hopeful heart. A sceptic who wants to believe; like he's open to anyone who could prove him wrong. Happy, but not quite at the top of the world. (Oh wait, who am I talking about now?) Upset, but not throwing any tantrums.. and excellent descriptions of feelings! (How boring, I can actually go technical on this!) Ah, brilliant writer lah this lad.

On some unimportant something else;
1. that just sucked! Can this month be any more upsetting? Hotspur, honestly! Please please stop breaking my heart already!
2. I get 13 unread messages and 35 spams during the weekend and last Friday.
3. I am related to a moron.
4. I'm brushing up on some sports history; I've been reading on Ayrton Senna and the '94 San Marino Grand Prix. I think it's just as devastating as the Busby Babes in the Munich air disaster and the Hillsborough disaster. Unnecessary deaths upsets me.
5. I'm thinking Green.


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