Tuesday, July 24, 2007

..and you're always on my mind.

I am not, fortunately thinking about Harry Potter,
nor am I thinking of an actual person I have met.
What has been on my mind constantly is an idea..
an idea of a certain something that I must find.
(a good time to listen to Take That, yeah?)

While I am not too preoccupied with my thoughts, (which is not too often I'm afraid) I took an interest to expand my interest in astrology and read on the elemental signs -- mostly Fire sign, of course.
So here's what I found out; Fire signs are attracted to Water signs, comfortable with Air signs and impatient with Earth signs. I must admit, that had just gotten me too amused and all I can say to it is "duuuude!"
ahahhaha!! It's an inside joke, I'm sorry.
I probably shouldn't say this but maan, that made sense!

*giggle* Being overly spiritual or too philosophical, for example, can make them out of touch with the real world. [W]
hahhaha! I probably read too much.

Alright, I should get some rest. I've been having this headache since earlier last night yet I can't keep my thoughts clear of one thing.
Well, two actually. This one thing that I'm not telling and the Prince! Nadiah and I had a good conversation about him yesterday afternoon and we just couldn't help agreeing that he should be loved. Nina on the other hand thought that we should probably build a shrine for him! hahha!
We probably should.

O yeah.. Man U - 6, Shenzen FC - 0! Poor them.
Really like the almost-4th goal by Nani. hahha! The boys ran so fast!

Okay, my head really hurts.
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