Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bilik Kosong

Dida and I went to see Vacancy just now.
Let me tell you.. if you'd like to see a mindless sort of movie yet possibly, get scared half of your wits, this is the right movie for you!

There was hardly any plot but we were mildly amused by it! It's like.. an indie thriller with famous actors in it; Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale.

We decided to give a dim star for plot, four stars for shock-effect, and FIVE stars for the drag queen** who sat three seats away from us. He/she had the funniest scream of terror that made the entire cinema laugh at one point.
** I'm sorry that my vocabulary isn't rich enough to think of any other word for pondan; they're males who acts like females but aren't necessarily dress in female clothes. In this case, he was not in any form of drag but he definitely behaved like a female.

Alright, that is it.
You may take my review which ever way you'd like. Was I being sarcastic or was I really sincere?? ahhahhahahaha!! Guess!

I find myself dreaming more than usual lately.
I know it's wrong but I always end up smiling when I do.

My heart is definitely racing now.


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