Monday, July 30, 2007

I'd wait for life.

I was in the car with Dida earlier, listening to Take That..
We had just decided to drive through KL and Dida was saying about going back through the NPE. I was immersing myself with thoughts of the reasons why she had said it when another thought came to mind;

Love should be perfect.
The other person need not be but the love between them should.
And I quote from a recently seen-and-loved film I saw on telly, Dream for an Insomniac; "There are too many mediocre things in life and love shouldn't be one of it."

Aah~ and this is the part where I stop and rest myself from revealing my thoughts and heart too much.
It's that and the fact that I stupidly caught my right thumb in between the car door when we got home. I've got red and blue on my thumb and they are not ink. It amuses me though -- I showed it to my sleepy father when we got in like it was an achievement of some sort. It stings of course.

now, don't I have a crinkly thumb?

my normal thumb and "the sausage one". (It's oily from the gamat ointment.)

Curse myself for wondering the other day how it's been a while since I hurt myself. heh!


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