Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nothing a smoke can't plug.

I've actually thought of writing this entry in a really emo way.. But I was in the car at that time, heading somewhere, so naturally by the time I get back and sat in front of the computer I feel that it would be lame to bring back what I had felt when I could easily let it go.
So I'm letting that go.

I've been feeling a bit off lately, so don't mind me too much. I'm rambling way out of proportion. Especially right now when I haven't had any sleep and my head feels like it's about to burst.
Maybe it's because of last night; I was lying on the floor, minding my own business watching the telly while the Kiddies (they're here for the weekend with Nina since my brother in law is away for some work stuff) were playing around like they always do. One minute they were running, the next Izzati fell bum first -- right at the top of my head. Excellent aiming, I would say. Well, I think it was her bum.. I wasn't looking. Then that kid ran away without saying sorry even when Nina told her to -- instead, Farhana did! hahhaha! That is one weirdly adorable kid.

So anyway.. if in a couple of hours I pass out and starts to turn blue, it's probably from the blunt force trauma to my head by a questionable object. Just so you know.

Hmm.. This got me thinking on how undecided I am about having kids. I know that we should have them but really.. I guess I'm still selfish and incapable of doting on them. I am not a cool aunt, it's too obvious but I don't mind that at all.
I am incapable of doting on anyone whom I can't understand, more examples; Kelantanese. Not all of them, just the ones with the verrry thick accent. I just can't stand them. If you can't talk like everybody else, don't bother talking to me. Seriously.

Okay, now I feel like throwing up. Should I be worried? hahhaha! Maan, that would be a story wouldn't it? A 22 year-old female was found dead in her home earlier this morning after experiencing a freak accident. Witnesses said that she had received a blunt force trauma the night before when her niece had accidentally fell at the top of her head. Oh, I probably should say here that I am mildly hypochondriac.

Dida and I went to see Die Hard 4.0 around midnight. We were bored. It wasn't exactly "awful" but it was.. unnecessary. The story was a little slow for our taste (for an action movie) and I just feel that the actions were simply exaggerated. I mean, come on! A semi-trailer and a fighter jet?? COME ONN.. that's just too much! Even then I had to hold myself back from shouting at the top of my lungs, "SNORE!!" (That's my new favourite word, by the way.)
I'm sorry if you're a Die Hard fan but I have to say this.. blah!
Timmy looked old in this film. He actually looked his age; very different from Catch and Release. Kind of amazing.

I think it's weird that I've been listening to one of James Morrison's songs and feel like it echoes my heart. I mean, I can't remember experiencing the same things that he sings about but somehow.. they're a resonance.
It kind of suck. hahhaha! Sometimes I hate the fact that I am more tuned to sad songs. I don't think that I am particularly sad. I'm quite fine, thanks. Quite.

Maybe this turns out to be an emo entry after all!
Just not the same magnitude as I know it could.
I must have a lie down now. This took me 50 minutes to type out. Ridiculous, no?
Have a good weekend, everyone.


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