Monday, July 09, 2007

"Ustazah from Hell"

I'm still alive!

Nina and Dida were talking about one of their teachers in Sekolah Tun Fatimah (better known as STF) the other day and I spurted "**Ustazah from Hell" to a great response! Everybody in the room roared and I thought.. hey! I'm a comedienne! ahhahha!
** 'Ustazah' is the title for female teachers who teaches the Islamic studies in school. The male teachers would be called 'Ustad'.

Had a hectic sort of weekend. It was constantly filled with activities -- that, and the fact that simply watching the Kiddies run around is actually tiring.
We head back to Bukit Kapar on Saturday for a get together. It was kind of nice having that many people around, although I barely talk to most of them because to be quite honest.. I'm not too keen with crowds. heh!

Later that evening, us girls; the Kiddies, Nina, Dida, our mom and myself went to Red Box and had 3 hours of karaoke! That was fun. We went nuts and picked out most of Siti Nurhaliza's song and we sang like mad women. Of course, none of us could reach Siti's outrageously high pitch but that didn't stop us from trying, did it? ahahhaha! And that is why, we had FUN! Ruining 10 songs had never felt so gooood.
Then at one point Dida snapped at Izzati because she couldn't sit around like a good girl and somehow managed to knock over Dida's drinks -- which then soaked her spankin' new 5700. Poor kid, she cried. But she was fine by the time we went home. Dida's an excellent aunt.

On Sunday, we went to the 2007 Secondary School Marching Band Competition in Bukit Jalil. We were pretty relaxed, getting there when we get there.. So we got there at about half past three (the event started -- or had supposed to start at two.) There were twelve bands, but we only missed the first four. (We missed Selangor's! sigh. Their "support system" was brilliant though! They're the only ones who were capable of drowning out those Victoria Institute boys' cheers! Those VI boys reminded me of EPL actually. They never seem to run out of songs to sing. Pretty cool.)

There weren't too many people in the stadium like the last time I went (that was aaages ago!) and I believe it's because there weren't too many promos about it. Even the sign outside the stadium was tiny, it's ridiculous! But of course, not many people means plenty of seats to choose from. Naturally, we had went to sit at the bunch of other STF students/ex-students. My sisters had left their school for ten-eleven years but it's apparent on how much they had loved their school.
O yeah, they were both in STF; Dida used to follow everything Nina does, education-wise at least. Nina got into STF in form one -- Dida joined in form four. Then Nina got to UKM and so did Dida. Me... why, there's always that pressure to do as well as my sisters but I'm just too much of a rebel. I like being different too much.

STF didn't win, but they got the "Preparation Award", what ever that is. Third place was the Sarawak band (I think!) and second was from Terengganu. Both were Chinese schools. The best Drum Major was also Chinese, from Kelantan. He was absolutely brilliant! Everybody loved him. Everytime he throws his baton/staff up in the air, everyone oohed -- and he had his hands behind his back until the baton almost reaches the ground, he'd stick his hand out and catches it EVERYTIME!! And he threw them sooo high, it's AMAZING! I think everyone had predicted that he'd take home the title as I did.
First place was Kedah's SM Sultanah Asma and we were cheering really hard for them! It's a girls school (like STF) and they did brilliant overall. Really smart formations and good choices of songs. Really awesome. But I think STF was the most Drumline of all. hahhaha! Their moves were really cool but they have to work on the music. It's understandable, most of them were first-formers. I would know -- I have the inside scoop! heehee.

The highlight of the day was actually the kompang formation from SMK TTDI. They were really fun to watch. Somehow made me understood how Dar get to be Dar, merepek and all. ahhahaha!! I'm going to upload the video on LL when I get the chance to cut it. It's loong and 182megs so I NEED to cut it first. I will tell you once I've upload them -- they're that entertaining.

So! Until the next update..
Have a great LIFE everybody.


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