Friday, August 31, 2007

"Sendaloka Malam Merdeka"


I know that that doesn't make ANY sense to you but that was the brilliant ending to the Team Japan on the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition earlier! It was bright and amazingly HUUUGEE!! It started as a small cluster and ohh, you had to be there since I think I'm not going to make sense if I try to explain it. It was.. brilliant.
It started boring (plus the wait 'til midnight when we thought it would start at the usual time) but ended BRILLIANTLY.

I had a different kind of fun tonight.
I tagged along Dida and her friends to the fireworks and they're a wacky bunch. Kak Kole and Kak Freddy were Dida's friends from school days and they were waay different from the friends she acquired in recent days! heehee. Kak Freddy happens to know a LOT about horoscopes and I must admit, I was a little challenged by it. haha! --but I was mostly amused. It's always amusing to find another person who knows as much (or more) as I do.

Ohh! And it's hilarious how Dida and Kak Freddy take the mickey out of Kak Kole. I feel bad for laughing along but man, it was too funny!

Alright, got nothing else to write about so I'm just going to post the results of the draw for the Champions League group stage. Again, it's because I am bored and not entirely because I'm football-mad.
Group ALiverpool
Group BChelsea
Group CReal Madrid
Werder Bremen
Group DAC Milan
Shakhtar Donetsk
Group EBarcelona
Group FManchester United
Sporting Lisbon
Dynamo Kiev
Group GInter Milan
CSKA Moscow
Group HArsenal
Sevilla or AEK **
Steaua Bucharest
Slavia Prague

**It'll be decided after the teams' match were postponed to this coming 3rd as one of Sevilla's player had died earlier this week. (He was my age.. and a Sag!! eeek!)

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

We're standing still.

Bahijah messaged me last night asking if I was alright. I guess she was concerned that my blog entries hasn't been sunny lately.
We ended up having a little chat about my psyche and as she ran out of words to say to me, I just welcomed her into my twisted mind.

I think it'd be easier if I was rigid with rationalism or just erratic with emotions -- not BOTH! It'd be easier if I was just plain crazy instead of being able to reason why I went nuts in the first place.

Any chance that there's a medical condition where one person has got two brains in their head? I know for certain that I haven't got an actual multiple personality disorder as I am fully aware of everything I'd done.
Isn't it amazing that I know so much about psychology? hahhaha! I swear I would've made a brilliant psychiatrist if I wasn't so cuckoo myself.

I just saw a moving film called Green Street Hooligans. Well, maybe it moved me only because I am very into football. haha!
Honestly it was.. quite violent. Made me thank God for my good senses for not mentioning anything about football while I was in London. heehee. I could easily get into trouble!
Anyway, the film was mostly about the London derby. The team in focus was West Ham United so naturally the main characters were trashing Arsenal, Tottenham and Millwall. (That was the first time I heard of Millwall actually.) You know, I love London, but never the football teams. eeek! I probably shouldn't say that.

Ah well, you should try and read the reviews on IMDB!
The Americans loved the film while the English just thought it was abysmal! hahhaha! Funny. Honestly I find the film a good watch. But obviously I am not British.. nor English for that matter so I wouldn't really know if it really portrays the real hooliganism. I saw Manchester United from a BOX and hardly paid attention to the fans' drunken chants and songs and left the stadium waaay after everybody else had!
I guess I missed that little experience but I had always felt that I would have another chance at it! heehee.

Alright, it's almost six and I need to get my shower. My hair is starting to smell a little funky. hahha!
A self-note that I don't expect anyone would understand; my baby got another yellow last night.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hijacked heart.

I must say that my mind is constantly preoccupied these past couple of days with things that I cannot say. More than usual.

Wish I could publish my eyes so you could read it however you like.
You know how they say that the eyes are the window to the soul.. If I had to describe my eyes right now with just one word, it'd be "cloudy".

The secret of being a bore is to tell everything.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Running nude.

I have said this too many times yet I keep doing it all over again.

I have no idea why I keep revealing too much of myself and wished I hadn't said anything in the first place. If there's anything I regret about, it's that. Giving me more reasons to be angry at myself. (As if the existing ones weren't enough!)

Maybe there is a magic behind letting yourself go. To be completely absent minded and be true and honest to yourself and another human being. To forget how it feels to be embarassed until the moment of truthfulness had pass and you were met by the other person's reaction; be it surprise or an evenly matched honesty.

Honesty is scary. It is frightening and amazing in the same time; not too different from an atomic bomb, I'd say! haha!
I don't know why I'm typing about this in the first place but I suppose it's safe to say that I'm the kind of person who appreciates honesty even on horrible situations. I find that it is always best to be in the know.

I know it's awful to say that I am never sorry if I had caused trouble with my honesty but really.. I have never been sorry for telling the truth. Pretences and lies had never been an option to me anyway. It resolves NOTHING!
So hey, if anyone must hate me.. there's a good reason for you to! I say a bunch of wrong things because they had felt right. If I lose a friend or two along the way, I'll manage. It's ME I have to live with anyway.

I've accepted long ago that if I strive to please everyone, or even give that much damn to their thoughts, I shall die in discontent. And for someone whose mind had quite a fair share of thoughts on death, that doesn't seem ideal at all.

You know, I believe my greatest FAULT to be thinking too much.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Okay, I should blog now.

If there is a "good time" for me to blog, now is probably it. heehee.

United got their first win of the season. I'm relieved! I was pretty nervous as I caught up with the second half. I was nagging a lot while I was watching the match, saying things like what can I do with them (as if there is anything I can do with them!) and Nina suggested; "stop supporting them?"
--I wish!! Van De Sar returned to his nature of being.. (you'd guess it!) a KNOB! We should get Kasper Schmeichel.. (Son of Peter Schmeichel, whom Dida thought was the best goalkeeper that Man U ever had.) He's still very young and quite brilliant, I dare say. I doubt Rafa Benitez is going to let Reina go. ahhahha! Here I go talking about football like a boy.

Some more quick notes for my future self; Bolton also got their first win and the Magpies got another draw -- which is making me think that I need to watch them play in order for them to win. ahhahaha! I am SO trying to watch their next game and not get tempted by the wonderful idea of the great outdoors! (Man, it'd be HARD!)
I think my baby had a haircut. I miss his bleached hair; it's so easy to spot on the pitch! Maybe he'd get back his senses and bleach it again. heehee. He also got himself a yellow card. sigh. I need to catch the repeat this afternoon.
(And F1's! I'm not even checking the results so I'd be surprised..)

Anyway, reasons for missing my favourite sports;
I was in Ampang for Sheeya's wedding!! It was my first official invitation to a friend's wedding so I MUST go! It was funny.. I haven't seen or talked to her in ages but Sheeya was still very Sheeya!
The thing about weddings.. it doesn't make me think about when am I going to have my own. It usually just awes me how these people trust their judgement and be so certain. Obviously, I am not the person you'd like to ask about commitment. I have doubts in the marriage institution, to be honest. I know, I know.. think what you want, I'm not even going to try to explain myself. But hey, as for Sheeya and her man,

On Saturday, I met up with Ana who was in Shah Alam and we just.. hung out for a bit. Then I persuaded her to walk home with me from SACC. heehee! Later I got her to join me and Dida to Putrajaya and watch the Team Italy on the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. Me and Dida got her home waay past midnight. huhuu.

Some other things that had happened last week...
England lost the friendly against Germany. hahhaha! (I'm laughing so I won't curse.) Robinson is definitely rubbish!! Not that I prefer David James any more but seriously.. England is in dire NEED of finding a great keeper. (Like Malaysia needs a brilliant defend line.)

I've been really liking Football Crazy on StarSports lately. They usually have four hosts on the show and they all seemed like friends! People with great chemistry makes me wonder. You know, how some people just clicked while some others don't. It's fascinating!
Ohh, the show's ads are usually entertaining as well.

Okay. I'm bored typing about my days now.
Go read something else!

ps: Bahijah, thanks for last night!! *hugsss*

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Ferrari got one-two! ahhahha!

Thursday, August 23, 2007



We all look for happiness, without knowing where to find it; like drunkards who look for their house, knowing dimly that they have one.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wait for me..



Monday, August 20, 2007

Bad weekend for football.

I cannot believe United LOST!!
Seriously.. that was just.. the lowest of low.
Man U lost, Bolton lost, Newcastle tied without any goals and Liverpool also tied with Chelsea after that penalty shot from that unjustly decision by that BLIND referee!
Now tell me.. doesn't that sound like an awful weekend for football? Maybe I am just not meant to follow up on the league so early in the season.
(I probably should note that United's U18 youth team had won the Champions Youth Cup, though.)

Chiang Mai!
It was interesting. I got on Air Asia for the first time and it was... different. I almost gone crazy for the lack of entertainment.
We (me, Dida and her friends) got a pretty neat package for the trip and our tour guide and the driver was really nice. Our guide made quite the impression when she explained to us about their culture of tipping by using her name; Sureetip as a visual aid: Sure - tip! hahahha! She's a Virgo by the way. Very pleasant.

We had Thai Massage on our first day at a building funnily named Pornping Tower! The thought of getting my first ever massage -- and a Thai one at that was nerve wrecking! I'm not exactly limber, you know.

But my masseuse was nice. (Most Thais we met were nice, I suppose!) She didn't knead me too hard except for the part when she uses her knees to massage my back! She actually LAUGHED when I groaned! (Okay, probably my fault since I made a sound not too different from the sound when a **citizen got attacked by a wolf -- You would too if your lungs and ribs are pressed to the floor!!)
** I'm refererring to the game Caesar III. I'm sorry if you had never played it and have no idea what those citizens sounds like.

I'm going to jump hours here, so I'll just tell you what we did the next day.
On the second day we were in Chiang Mai, we travelled a little outside the main city to visit the elephant camp!
They were.. seriously impressive. One of them particularly was an excellent painter! It could even sign its name on the artwork! (In Thai, of course.. so I couldn't really tell what it exactly said. haha!)

One of the paintings done by the elephants being displayed at the souvenir shop.

We hit a couple more touristy places for the rest of the day and one of them was a Thai silk production place where Dida went crazy and charged her card for every purchase. haha!

Then on the wee of Saturday morning, we headed out to Chiang Rai which was the northern most province in Thailand. (Myanmar was just across a small bridge!) We also went to the Golden Triangle area -- not exactly at the opium producing area, unfortunately but we were at the junction of Ruak and Mekong River.
Basically we were able to see Thailand, Myanmar and Laos at one glance!

A shiny structure near the river.

Alright. That's just about it, I think! I write boring reports, I'm afraid. I'll upload more photos onto my Fotopage once I get some sleep. Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chiang Mai Airport

Okay, I'm not even sure what this airport is really called, but I'm here.. waiting to board the plane.
I had spent the last three days in Thailand and I had loads of fun! (Okay, I was pretty moody most mornings -- like I always am everytime I take a trup trip with Dida but we're gonna let that slide, yeah?)

Uhh.. Maybe I'll write some more once I got home but right now, my 10 minutes is almost up! (10 minutes for 10 Baht!) My sister is trying to shop around the duty free area (there's nothing much) and I'd like to join her!
Okay. Til' next time..

Man!! The Magpies only managed to a draw!! grrrrr

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shoes off if you love the Toon!

I was bored the other day so I preoccupied myself by reading about some Premiership teams and I've accidentally landed myself to a new found repulsion towards Sunderland. *manic laugh* sigh. It shouldn't be this easy for me to be affected by things.
Unfortunately, I just love distractions! heehee.

I'm going away for a few days and currently inappropriately dreading it -- just because I am going to miss those football matches! ahhaha! I am silly like that, I suppose. I am EXCITED about going out of town but I wish I could have both! Quite the simple example that you just can't have everything, eh?
Ah well, repeats for me then.

Do you think it's sad that my life sort of revolves around the telly? -- I don't think so, but then again I am too ME to be rational.

Anyway, I am feeling more and more lost these days. I really should adopt a little seriousness and get my mind off those clouds.
Ohh, I am still smiling over Dayat's news the other day. I simply cannot be any happier for her! The coolest ever story anyone could've told me. haha!

Selangor lost the second quarter finals. That blows BIG TIME! blah~ We SO need to do better next season! Losing is cramping my style. hahhaha!
Well, I need to pack my things now. (Of course, it'd help if I am not distracted by Portsmouth vs. Man United on ESPN right now! hahhaha!)

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Damn it, United!! Do you have to be this lousy so early in the season?? Arses!! So glad I won't be around to see this weekend's match! Rubbish!
I hope the other United won't disappoint me!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I could be ---- you.

Sometimes, I get.. this psychological complex that neither Freud nor Jung had ever written of, thought about or even bothered to give a name to; which in my opinion, makes it even harder to talk about.
hmm.. So maybe I'll write about something else and leave that particular psychological problem aside. Might as well spare you from the tangles of my head. We could go on for days in an attempt to straighten them.

I haven't got anything actually worth reading here today. I am just.. wasting my time, writing. I should be writing but instead, I'm making excuses. blah.
I'm bored. It's only time when this boredom will convert itself into morbid thoughts.

Ohh. Rooney is out of matches 'til October. I thought.. "Okay, Man U can take it." Then it occured to me.. ENGLAND! aiyyayayaya! Ah well, guess I'll just have to see how they'll manage the next friendly against Germany this 23rd.

Man, I think I'm getting smothered by worriness these days. I really need to get a move on or I'll remember this year for all the wrong reasons. shit!

Currently listening to: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now by The Smiths

edited on 4:16 PM.

I can't stop grinning now.
Those morbid thoughts never came.

ahhahaha!! Dearest Dayat, you couldn't imagine how much your news had lighten me up! Excellent!

Getting left out had never been so amusing!! heeheee.

Monday, August 13, 2007


*manic laugh*

Stupid a*holes those Red Devils! ahahhaha! (Yes, I don't find it hard to curse at my own team. I'm quite particular about being fair and I think they deserved to be cursed.) Funny thing is, how my parents find me getting all heated up and throwing curses amusing -- instead of trying to stop me. (They knew better than to stop me, of course.)

It's been a fairly amusing weekend for the EPL opening matches.
As you've witnessed the first paragraph of this entry, Manchester United had only managed to get a tie with Reading. It was a fast paced game (unlike boring.. booring Liverpool!) but they never managed to score, doesn't matter how much they've tried. Simply frustrating! Despite the severely boring game, Liverpool had won their opening match; Gerrard's goal was pure brilliant! Chelsea and Arsenal also won their opening matches against Birmingham City and Fulham. (I honestly think it's mad that London has got TWELVE league football teams! I guess they think that they're that good.. I suppose they are, having five in the Premiership.)
Oh anyway.. The most important thing about this weekend is that The Magpies won!! ahahhaha! *jigs* Well, it's a pity that they were up against Bolton but Newcastle United is my new favourite team this season! heehee. (I may seem a bit fickle, but I'm not really..)
Go seventeen!! *giggles*

Sorry for the purely football entry. I'm even watching Tiger Woods leading the US PGA right now.
-- I don't have a life. hahhaha!

Congratulations to my dear friends;
Ana, Bahijah and Dar!!

Happy Graduation, you guys!
Good luck in your future endeavours.

My sister is having a rough patch in her life right now and I've lost all words to say to her..
Dear God, help!

As for the rest of you.. have a good week!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Premier League!!!


Bolton vs. Newcastle!
Who do I want to win? Who do I want to wiinnn????

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Die Sixteen, DIE!

I had an interesting night.
Dida and I stayed at the Holiday Villa Subang, which you may find odd (as I had found it myself,) but it was nice all the same. The room was nowhere cheap but I understand how foreigners would LOVE it. For their small fraction of money, they would be able to get a fantastic view!! I was really surprised that we were in fact -- in Subang.
Now, why did we stay in a hotel for a night is a boring story that I would not even bother to share with you guys.

Also.. last night we (Dida, Papa and I) went to see the Malaysia Cup Quarter Finals between Selangor and Terengganu in Stadium Shah Alam. The turn out wasn't great but the brilliant thing about it is that the people who ARE there were real maniacs. Crazy funny.
sad turn out

We had some great laughs. Mainly because of those manic people.. heehee.
But we also cursed (an exception to Papa, of course!) when our team.. or the Terengganu team was acting particularly moronic.

Especially the Selangor player in number 16 jersey -- OH MY GOD!! He's extremely stupid! Terengganu had scored first, and Selangor levelled. Then Selangor managed to score again, making it 2-1. Then this number 16 (which I just looked up, named Abdul Ghani Abdul Rahman) DELIBERATELY fell on top of a Terengganu player inside the PENALTY BOX which then made them both lying on the grass! Tell me that isn't a MORON! Everybody was angry at him; even the keeper! I actually promised him DEATH in one of my angry shouts. ahhahaha!
So anyway, the match ended with a tie, even with me and Dida chanting "Van De Sar" and "Reina" as Terengganu take their penalty shot. Hope Selangor will pull through in the second quarter finals in Terengganu!
Just found out that 16 happens to be a Sag! Damn youuu! Good thing 16 has never been my favourite number or I'd feel doubly responsible!
edited on 1:34 AM, August 10th 2007.
Ooh.. and I just found out that 16 was the one whom had actually scored Selangor's second goal!! ahahhaha! The irony. I don't know how I feel about him now. He is suddenly amusing somehow.

Aaah~ it's Thursday. *curses* Seems like the days are zooming by so fast.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Absently.. minding myself.

My thumb is doing great. Although.. I'm hating how it looks; 'cause it bled a little under the nail (when it was caught at the car door) and naturally, the blood is stuck there. Now it looks like a manicure done really bad. hahha!
Still.. amusing. Until my nail grows out, I will have a small momento of my own stupidity.

I've recently told some people that I just realized.. my happiest place on Earth happens to be at the stadium -- on a match day. Be it Old Trafford (ehem. I'd only gone there once but still..) or the Shah Alam Stadium, I've never left a stadium not feeling extremely hyper and contented.
I suppose all the shouting, taunting and cursing just makes me happy! hahhahha! Plus, those Mexican waves.. I LOVE Mexican waves. heehee.

Maybe it is important for people to be around people who are similar to them. Not necessarily the same characters or interests, but the same sense of purpose.

So I figured that I probably should be a footballer's wife. Though I reckon I'd be a boring one since all I want to do is follow the spouse on each of his games instead of preoccupying myself doing something else saucy for the media. Probably the worst thing I'd do is leave the kids at home while I join the hooligans at the stadium!
That'd be excellent, though. hahhahaha!

Probably I should've left my thoughts in my head instead of typing them out, yeah? heehee.

The family had dinner at Ang More earlier. Can't help but order the same thing everytime. You know, it's not that I'm not being adventurous; I just find it easy to obsess about things. (The line between "obsessive" and "passionate" is quite blurry in my head, I'm afraid. heehee.)

Monday, August 06, 2007


Dude, you are amazing!! *giggle giggle*
17 is my new favourite number, did you know? *more giggling*
I have to be honest, I was upset at first. I mean.. I know that it was coming, but I couldn't help hoping. But this.. aah, you were brilliant! Magpies pon Maagpies lah..
For the second time this week, THANK YOUUU! I am so putting it on my links!

On another even lighter note..
I will have to eat up my words.. Van De Sar isn't so much of a knob after all!! Oh my God! He was brilliant!! BLOODY BRILLIANT!! Oh my God!! Sangat takjub!
We won the Community Shield against Chelsea by penalty shoot out and seriously.. Van De Sar was BRILLIANT! OH MY GOD!! He was.. THE BEST!! ahahhahaha! OH MY GOD!! I am so pleasantly shocked! MY - GOD! I hope Van De Sar will keep this up. Brilliant! What an excellent start to the season! (0010am)

OKAY! Enough about football.. (for now!)
Lewis Hamilton won his second third Grand Prix. (ahhahaha! Apparently I can't get off the "sports topic" just yet.) I do think he's quite brilliant despite that Dida despises him, which proves that you just can't win everybody's hearts.
Make no mistake.. I still wish Ferrari had won!

Earlier, me and Dida went to see a movie with Nina and her little family.
We actually went to see Love Is Cinta -- which I find really funny!
It's weird.. one moment I was teary, the next moment we were laughing at the ridiculousness. It's an odd sort of film. One that you can't really love.

Ohh! At dinner (at Shrooms!) me and Dida heard this family speak Dutch! We got pretty excited somehow. For what ever reason I was reminded of Super deBoer when I heard them. heehee. Man, I missed those awful-sounding language.

This is half funny -- half scary,
I actually happen to have good friends born on the 4th, 13th and 31st! heehee.
Your Birthdate: December 13
You don't love lightly. For you, love is always a serious undertaking.
However, you are able to love many types of people. You can bring out the best in almost anyone.
Love surprises you often. You never know when or where you'll find it next.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 1
Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 5

You are most compatible with people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of the month.

To end this entry, (because I am too contented to write anything else) here are more cars for you to run off the road:
1. Kia Spectra, WHX 9656
2. Toyota Camry, WHH 2640
3. Iswara Aeroback, MAY 6674
Especially the Camry. Especially if the driver is an Indian woman. She's a maniac!!

Alright! Have a good week, people!
I can't wait for next weekend!! EPL!!!!!!!

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Sunday, August 05, 2007



I thought I'd forgotten it.. (but I didn't really..)
I remembered it the entire day but by the time I got home I was too tired. I almost didn't get to wish you since I had accidentally fall asleep.
I had even started thinking up how I should explain to you how I got so late and feeling like crap for proving again what a bad friend I really am, and then it hit me....

Thank God for the time difference!!!

Hope you had a great day..
and a wonderful year as a 23-year old.
See you on your 24th? *grins*

Saturday, August 04, 2007

A jumble of things.. maybe.

1. I'm thinking of penne alfredo at Shrooms. Or maybe that cheese macaroni with prawns from Secret Recipe. Yumm. (I'd think of food when I'm bored.)

2. I was seriously tempted by Outback Steakhouse after I'd seen last night's episode of The Apperentice on Star World; and being the red belt in the art of persuassion, I managed to get Dida to want to try it out sometime soon!! woot~!

3. Speaking of Dida.. we went to Dorothy Perkins before we saw The Simpsons Movie earlier and she got me this dress that can also be worn as a skirt -- which I had ALWAYS wanted! *manic laugh* Can't wait to wear it! Maybe when we go to Outback Steakhouse, yeah? (I know what you're thinking.. I dress up for FOOD, which is entirely TRUE! ahhahaha!)

4. The movie was hilarious, but being The Simpsons.. it's too mindless (albeit entertaining) for me to remember much about it. Except maybe the entire Greenday part. Loved the Titanic reference!

5. You know, I'm nowhere half-done with my manuscript and suddenly last night I got a new idea for a new story -- which probably sounds good to you but really, it's NOT! I hate too many choices. Choices are fine, but too many of it is just.. mental!

6. Dida and I are going to miss Mama and Nina's company Family Day! sigh. Wish we had known about it earlier.. crap!

7. I must admit, my mother is AWESOME in one thing: make-up stuff! ahahhaha! I mean, if it wasn't for her, I would only have a couple of lipsticks/lip gloss/lip balms. heehee. I think she was a tad impressed that I know about "stuff" too.
Ohh, I also proved to her that I wasn't kidding when I said that I couldn't put on mascara 'coz if I do, my spectacles would get in the way of my eyelash. She had a good laugh when she saw it. Stunned, but entertained.

8. I forgot to write about this yesterday..
If you happen to see a yellow Hyundai Getz with the license plate WMA 4328 with a male-ass driver, do me and Dida a favour and drive it off the road, thanks!

Have a good weekend fellas!

Friday, August 03, 2007

"Life is too short, eh?"

AHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Man.. the dream of that 13-year old girl crashed again tonight.
Never Date a Pisces

Sensitive, emotional, and unrealistically romantic - you are destined to break Pisces heart.
Don't get fooled by a charming Pisces. They'll be clinging to you by the end of the first date!

I was eating McD's apple pie earlier and it made me wonder..
How is it possible to eat those things without getting the sweet, apple sauce slobbering all over your mouth, eh? I mean, there must be a technique of some kind, right?

Went to see The Invisible -- I feel sorry that I'd seen Disturbia last night which made my thoughts towards The Invisible rather.. brutal. I truly believed that Disturbia was perfect, so with The Invisible.. everything was simply not enough!
There's these characters; Nick and Annie, and I believe they were supposed to show this.. high-level sense of connection between them but I didn't feel it! They had an hour and forty minutes to get me hooked but what they did was just stalling the end which could've been at the end of the hour mark!
I just find everything sluggish.
It's disappointing.. it had so much promise! The premise -or idea of the story was really interesting (it's an adaptation of a Swedish novel, Den Osynlige) but the result was just -- NOT ENOUGH.

Humm.. anyway. I've been saying this a lot lately but..
I've got to get a move on.
--once I wake up later in the morning! ahhahaha!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Suka Shiaaa!

He's quite impressive isn't he?
Dida and I went to see Disturbia earlier and I just loved it! I'm not exactly a fan of a thriller-movie genre but this.. this one I like. It's like one of those films that you would want in your collection, y'know?
It had enough thrills, light-moments.. back story.. Perfect!!
Of course, there's Shia who is an excellent actor.. and still so young! I dunno.. it's funny when I think about him on Even Stevens though. heehee.

Plus.. plus.. he's a Gemini!
Speaking of Geminis..
Your True Love Is a Gemini

Why you'll love a Gemini:
Witty and sharp, a Gemini can keep up with your fast (and ever changing) mind.
You're both fun loving and free spirits. You and a Gemini can enjoy each other without expectations.

Why a Gemini will love you:
Not only can you keep up with a Gemini's sharp tongue, you can introduce a challenge or two...
Your appetite for fun and novelty will keep a Gemini interested - at least for a bit longer than usual!

hahhaha!! But nee, as I said to Nadiah two weeks ago; it wouldn't work out between us. He's an only child, it'll be hard.. (I think too much, no?)
Ah well, I'll find some other Gemini surely.

Oh yeah, the only downside to the film was the fact that it had started way earlier than the show time was supposed to be -- which I shall write a complain about as soon as I finish writing this! (Or a bit later..)

My thumb feels much better now despite that I still need to hold things quite gingerly; but I am up for typing a bunch tonight!

Dida had exposed me to a new album; Truth, Cry and Lie by an Indonesian band called Letto. They kind of reminded me of Stephen Speaks to be quite honest. You can listen to my favourite song on the album over here. I must say.. his English sounded waaayy better than the vocals for Samsons (whom had reminded me so strongly of Siti Nurhaliza's English! ahahhaha! I'm sorry.. I shouldn't laugh.)

Ohh! On our way back to the car from the cinema.. we umm.. encountered a woman--person (who was definitely NOT a lady) who um... peed at the back of our car. Well, she was more at the back of in between our car and the car next to ours. Her friends were keeping a look out for her, apparently, by opening the door to their car so people couldn't actually see what she was doing.
The whole thing was a little.. funny I suppose. hahhaha! In a "yuck" kind of way.

Then when we got home, we walked by the apartment on the ground floor and I swear.. the guy who lives there had a snore the sound of a zombie! I mean, he had successfully creeped me out for a moment there. Seriously, thoughts of Dawn Of The Dead rushed through my head.

United lost to Inter Milan in a friendly game, 2 goals to 3. hahahhaha! This is what happens when there isn't a live coverage for me to see it. ahhahaha!
Thank you anyway.

Ah well.. I'm obviously, simply babbling (like a babboon?) here so I'm going to stop. (It's possible that it's a sign that I need to get some sleep.)
It just occured to me that I saw every single "summer blockbusters" this year!
And right now I'm wondering if I'd knew anyone from Luton. Do I?
What ever.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The sight of you makes me smile.

Well, your head made me smile.
The very sight of you particularly made me giddy.

I think it's a bit annoying that whenever my thoughts aren't particularly occupied about something, there will come a familiar face comfortably hijacking my mind.

I'm sorry, I don't think you'll ever read me talking about it in an obvious way. I dunno, maybe because I want it real bad (right now at least) so I wouldn't want to jinx it.
I suppose I am not one of those people who believes that you'll get things by saying how much you want it, as much as you can. Of course, I think about it a lot but you never know particularly how much, right?

I think too much, honey.

It's August -- it's August! It's awesome awesome August!!
(I'm chanting this while doing a little jig, by the way. heeheee!)
I don't know why I'm so excited about it anyway. It is after all a mark that another month has end and the end of year is fastly approaching!! yikes! I'm not exactly too keen on that -- I take back that jig.

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