Monday, August 13, 2007


*manic laugh*

Stupid a*holes those Red Devils! ahahhaha! (Yes, I don't find it hard to curse at my own team. I'm quite particular about being fair and I think they deserved to be cursed.) Funny thing is, how my parents find me getting all heated up and throwing curses amusing -- instead of trying to stop me. (They knew better than to stop me, of course.)

It's been a fairly amusing weekend for the EPL opening matches.
As you've witnessed the first paragraph of this entry, Manchester United had only managed to get a tie with Reading. It was a fast paced game (unlike boring.. booring Liverpool!) but they never managed to score, doesn't matter how much they've tried. Simply frustrating! Despite the severely boring game, Liverpool had won their opening match; Gerrard's goal was pure brilliant! Chelsea and Arsenal also won their opening matches against Birmingham City and Fulham. (I honestly think it's mad that London has got TWELVE league football teams! I guess they think that they're that good.. I suppose they are, having five in the Premiership.)
Oh anyway.. The most important thing about this weekend is that The Magpies won!! ahahhaha! *jigs* Well, it's a pity that they were up against Bolton but Newcastle United is my new favourite team this season! heehee. (I may seem a bit fickle, but I'm not really..)
Go seventeen!! *giggles*

Sorry for the purely football entry. I'm even watching Tiger Woods leading the US PGA right now.
-- I don't have a life. hahhaha!

Congratulations to my dear friends;
Ana, Bahijah and Dar!!

Happy Graduation, you guys!
Good luck in your future endeavours.

My sister is having a rough patch in her life right now and I've lost all words to say to her..
Dear God, help!

As for the rest of you.. have a good week!


Girl That Jumps said...

i tak boleh reply on ur tagboard.
so here i am
Thanks wanie!
*big hugs*

Monkey's Bunny said...

*hug baleeek!!*

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