Saturday, August 04, 2007

A jumble of things.. maybe.

1. I'm thinking of penne alfredo at Shrooms. Or maybe that cheese macaroni with prawns from Secret Recipe. Yumm. (I'd think of food when I'm bored.)

2. I was seriously tempted by Outback Steakhouse after I'd seen last night's episode of The Apperentice on Star World; and being the red belt in the art of persuassion, I managed to get Dida to want to try it out sometime soon!! woot~!

3. Speaking of Dida.. we went to Dorothy Perkins before we saw The Simpsons Movie earlier and she got me this dress that can also be worn as a skirt -- which I had ALWAYS wanted! *manic laugh* Can't wait to wear it! Maybe when we go to Outback Steakhouse, yeah? (I know what you're thinking.. I dress up for FOOD, which is entirely TRUE! ahhahaha!)

4. The movie was hilarious, but being The Simpsons.. it's too mindless (albeit entertaining) for me to remember much about it. Except maybe the entire Greenday part. Loved the Titanic reference!

5. You know, I'm nowhere half-done with my manuscript and suddenly last night I got a new idea for a new story -- which probably sounds good to you but really, it's NOT! I hate too many choices. Choices are fine, but too many of it is just.. mental!

6. Dida and I are going to miss Mama and Nina's company Family Day! sigh. Wish we had known about it earlier.. crap!

7. I must admit, my mother is AWESOME in one thing: make-up stuff! ahahhaha! I mean, if it wasn't for her, I would only have a couple of lipsticks/lip gloss/lip balms. heehee. I think she was a tad impressed that I know about "stuff" too.
Ohh, I also proved to her that I wasn't kidding when I said that I couldn't put on mascara 'coz if I do, my spectacles would get in the way of my eyelash. She had a good laugh when she saw it. Stunned, but entertained.

8. I forgot to write about this yesterday..
If you happen to see a yellow Hyundai Getz with the license plate WMA 4328 with a male-ass driver, do me and Dida a favour and drive it off the road, thanks!

Have a good weekend fellas!


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