Thursday, August 02, 2007

Suka Shiaaa!

He's quite impressive isn't he?
Dida and I went to see Disturbia earlier and I just loved it! I'm not exactly a fan of a thriller-movie genre but this.. this one I like. It's like one of those films that you would want in your collection, y'know?
It had enough thrills, light-moments.. back story.. Perfect!!
Of course, there's Shia who is an excellent actor.. and still so young! I dunno.. it's funny when I think about him on Even Stevens though. heehee.

Plus.. plus.. he's a Gemini!
Speaking of Geminis..
Your True Love Is a Gemini

Why you'll love a Gemini:
Witty and sharp, a Gemini can keep up with your fast (and ever changing) mind.
You're both fun loving and free spirits. You and a Gemini can enjoy each other without expectations.

Why a Gemini will love you:
Not only can you keep up with a Gemini's sharp tongue, you can introduce a challenge or two...
Your appetite for fun and novelty will keep a Gemini interested - at least for a bit longer than usual!

hahhaha!! But nee, as I said to Nadiah two weeks ago; it wouldn't work out between us. He's an only child, it'll be hard.. (I think too much, no?)
Ah well, I'll find some other Gemini surely.

Oh yeah, the only downside to the film was the fact that it had started way earlier than the show time was supposed to be -- which I shall write a complain about as soon as I finish writing this! (Or a bit later..)

My thumb feels much better now despite that I still need to hold things quite gingerly; but I am up for typing a bunch tonight!

Dida had exposed me to a new album; Truth, Cry and Lie by an Indonesian band called Letto. They kind of reminded me of Stephen Speaks to be quite honest. You can listen to my favourite song on the album over here. I must say.. his English sounded waaayy better than the vocals for Samsons (whom had reminded me so strongly of Siti Nurhaliza's English! ahahhaha! I'm sorry.. I shouldn't laugh.)

Ohh! On our way back to the car from the cinema.. we umm.. encountered a woman--person (who was definitely NOT a lady) who um... peed at the back of our car. Well, she was more at the back of in between our car and the car next to ours. Her friends were keeping a look out for her, apparently, by opening the door to their car so people couldn't actually see what she was doing.
The whole thing was a little.. funny I suppose. hahhaha! In a "yuck" kind of way.

Then when we got home, we walked by the apartment on the ground floor and I swear.. the guy who lives there had a snore the sound of a zombie! I mean, he had successfully creeped me out for a moment there. Seriously, thoughts of Dawn Of The Dead rushed through my head.

United lost to Inter Milan in a friendly game, 2 goals to 3. hahahhaha! This is what happens when there isn't a live coverage for me to see it. ahhahaha!
Thank you anyway.

Ah well.. I'm obviously, simply babbling (like a babboon?) here so I'm going to stop. (It's possible that it's a sign that I need to get some sleep.)
It just occured to me that I saw every single "summer blockbusters" this year!
And right now I'm wondering if I'd knew anyone from Luton. Do I?
What ever.

Have a good Thursday everyone!


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