Thursday, August 30, 2007

We're standing still.

Bahijah messaged me last night asking if I was alright. I guess she was concerned that my blog entries hasn't been sunny lately.
We ended up having a little chat about my psyche and as she ran out of words to say to me, I just welcomed her into my twisted mind.

I think it'd be easier if I was rigid with rationalism or just erratic with emotions -- not BOTH! It'd be easier if I was just plain crazy instead of being able to reason why I went nuts in the first place.

Any chance that there's a medical condition where one person has got two brains in their head? I know for certain that I haven't got an actual multiple personality disorder as I am fully aware of everything I'd done.
Isn't it amazing that I know so much about psychology? hahhaha! I swear I would've made a brilliant psychiatrist if I wasn't so cuckoo myself.

I just saw a moving film called Green Street Hooligans. Well, maybe it moved me only because I am very into football. haha!
Honestly it was.. quite violent. Made me thank God for my good senses for not mentioning anything about football while I was in London. heehee. I could easily get into trouble!
Anyway, the film was mostly about the London derby. The team in focus was West Ham United so naturally the main characters were trashing Arsenal, Tottenham and Millwall. (That was the first time I heard of Millwall actually.) You know, I love London, but never the football teams. eeek! I probably shouldn't say that.

Ah well, you should try and read the reviews on IMDB!
The Americans loved the film while the English just thought it was abysmal! hahhaha! Funny. Honestly I find the film a good watch. But obviously I am not British.. nor English for that matter so I wouldn't really know if it really portrays the real hooliganism. I saw Manchester United from a BOX and hardly paid attention to the fans' drunken chants and songs and left the stadium waaay after everybody else had!
I guess I missed that little experience but I had always felt that I would have another chance at it! heehee.

Alright, it's almost six and I need to get my shower. My hair is starting to smell a little funky. hahha!
A self-note that I don't expect anyone would understand; my baby got another yellow last night.


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