Tuesday, September 25, 2007

According to Wanie...

What to be among life's greatest mysteries;

Arjen Robben and Jose Reina are respectively aged 23 and 25..
Unless somebody tells me that they're racers during their free time (which would require them to wear helmets a lot!) I have to say that they're just TOO YOUNG to start losing that much hair.

hahhaha! I'm sorry.. I had planned of having a couple of "mysteries" but nooo.. I'm not too curious about anything else apparently. Okay, that's BULL. A day without questions would be.. EXCELLENT but I wasn't made for that, I've accepted it a long time ago. My point: just because I have questions, doesn't mean that I need to ask them, do I? Plus, it would completely ruin my pledge to not reveal too much of myself on this blog. hahha! (We all know that my incapability of holding a real promise is making me look like a pathological liar right about now.)

Recently I've realized that the more somebody says about love, the more I feel the need to leave. I know that doesn't sound right, but it's how I feel. I'm not saying that talks of love suffocates-me-so-I-must-run, it's.. when somebody talks about the dream it is to be in love, I'd feel like the world becomes larger.
I should be wandering out there. Heck, I should roam the universe! Finding MY true love... what ever that is. (sigh. All those astrology would've been a bunch of crap if I hadn't been such a restless soul to begin with.)

I just realized how upsetting it is to know that there is NOTHING or NO ONE that could make me STICK to ANYTHING. The weirdest thing; I've always wanted to pack my bag and leave without saying a single word to anyone. So I always wonder, don't I care for my family to have constantly thought of this?
Maybe I'm just a horrible person. It's easier to admit that than to psychoanalize myself again.

Maan, it's going to be October real soon. *this is the part where I curse*


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