Friday, September 28, 2007

I don't get it..

If you disapprove of me so much..
what exactly are you doing here??

I understand perfectly of your tendency to use people. Me especially. Sure.. look me up when you're in need. I can honestly say that I don't mind the hate that I deserve, except for the fact that it came all too suddenly -- which is making you look like a complete hypocrite.
Being nice one day and a real jerk the next. It is... amazing.

Damn, why am I related to this.

My heart is aching.. My heart is breaking..
Thank you.

edited on 1:57 AM, September 29th 2007.
I'm upset when I'm upset... and I can't help at whom I'm upset with. I just find the need to retract my words once I start to let go of my temper..
But it's been there, so as you can see I've only struck out the entry instead of deleting them completely. heh.


Suree said...

Sape ni Wanie?

Unknown said...

who was it?? let me at him/her/confused soul!!

Monkey's Bunny said...

unfortunately, ni masalah rumah tangge...
plus, i'm letting go.. sort of. :D

Girl That Jumps said...

rumah tangga?

wanie.. jadik tak this monday?

Monkey's Bunny said...


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