Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I have a boyfriend -- aaah!"
said Dayat

I suppose I should admit that the week has been pretty eventful for me. (In comparison to the blah days I've had in the past weeks, obviously.)

Went out with the Beasties on Tuesday.
I think we could all agree that it started pretty boring. Seriously, we weren't talking much, nor did much. It was turning into one of those awful car wrecks you saw at the side of the road. But maybe it's just me.. (Which it probably was.)
I don't know why..

Well, to be honest.. it was most probably because my heart wasn't fully in it -- or even there to begin with! And for that, I don't entirely blame myself. heh!
It was when we were pretty ready to head back home when we all got our mojo back. Something just clicked as Dayat and I were standing in front of the sausages cart in Cold Storage; right after the sales lady offered to steam the sausages if we'd wanted them. hahhahaha! That is one BRILLIANT sales person!

So we bought 500 grams' worth of snacks in the form of chicken sausages and slices (and got another hundred grams free!) We ate some ice cream while we waited in front of the store as the sales lady heats the sausages.
Basically, we had a small picnic in front of the Cold Storage in Berjaya Times Square at half past six.. and that was FUN!

Might be going to Seremban later today.
Extremely anxious about the England match with Russia tomorrow morning!
Mentally unprepared for Ramadhan starting this Thursday. Boy, time flies. Shit! (Note to self: SHOULD cut down cursing for one month!)
I'm getting worried about things but I won't say about it again as I'm beginning to feel like a pathological liar everytime I say what my plans are to FIX it.

Have a good day everyone; one with no life-defining-decision-making sort of day!

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Girl That Jumps said...

layout wanie ade repeat sikit jeeee lagi.. this time nampak ur post-it note sampai kat the letter R.
hehehe.. i guess my screen resolution melampau gedik sangat kot.. huhuhuhuhu.

Monkey's Bunny said...

ahahhahah! damn!
takpe.. tengah meng-edit lagi ni haa. :D

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