Saturday, September 01, 2007

I was bored...

So to stop -- (more like dawdle) myself from going into the kitchen and find something to stuff my face into, I decided to try out that Fantasy Football thing I've been hearing from my new favourite show on Star Sports; Football Crazy. (Good show, love the hosts!)

Want to know what I found out?

I found out that I can only manage a top football team where money is no object and where I can splurge on the best names I know. Seriously.. they gave you £55million and it isn't enough!! I also found out that I've been favouring a lot on midfielders and strikers that I simply cannot choose a single defender!! Okay, there's Ferdinand.. but I need three more!!

Still.. I'm looking forward to the start of the game which is on the 15th. I'm very keen on how the jumble I called "team" would do!

Blah~ I must be boring you.
But you should know by now how uninspiring my entries are when I'm uninspired.


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