Friday, September 07, 2007

I won 47 cents!!

The lack of sleep is making me feverish but heck, I think I'll blog first before I hit the sack.

Had an excellent day with my friends today!
I only had a few hours of sleep before meeting up with Hanis and headed to Subang Parade (because we haven't gone there for ages!) Unfortunately Dayat had to bail at the very last minute because she remembered that she had a midterm paper today!! ahahhaha! Typical dayat.

Ohh bulatnyee.. *curses*

We didn't do anything much. Just window-shopped, had brunch.. a piece of cake and talk. Really.. nothing much. I barely knew what we did exactly for SEVEN hours before Bahijah, Ilsa and Ana came and joined us.

We went back to Secret Recipe just to hang out and killed time with nothing else but.. UNO!! ahhahaha!

Hanis getting sucked into the competitive game of UNO and an excited Bahijah after winning a round.

Hanis had to make her way home just before seven and afterwards the rest of us changed location to the Subang McD and played more UNO. Seriously.. we need better things to do with our time!
Anyway, for our final game, we decided to put some money and I ended up being the winner!! ahahhaha! Way cool! 47 cents!! There was supposed to be a couple of ciggies too but I don't know what happened. I only end up with the money. Well, that and a tiny piece of precious tin foil!

A little more photos on my Fotopage later. (And I do mean LATER!)
I had fun. Hoping to get some more of that before the start of Ramadhan next week!
Goodnight everyone, and have a good weekend. Thanks for reading my blah entries! heehee.


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